Welcome to the Brooks Community Profile

Welcome to Brooks

Welcome to the dynamic community of Brooks, situated in the heart of south-eastern Alberta. This profile highlights our community that we are proud to call home. For more information please contact our representatives under the “Key Contacts” section, or go to our website at www.brooks.ca.




Mayor’s Message

 Welcome to the City of Brooks, recognized nationally for its civic pride and beauty as six-time winner of Communities in Bloom. 

We are blossoming as one of Canada’s 25 youngest communities and a population that is sprouting faster than any other city in southeast Alberta.  We hope you will join in the fun and energy of our young city.

While you are here, be sure to make a splash.  Our recreational centre offers fun for the whole family with a wave pool, lazy river, waterslide, hot tub and sauna, surrounded by colourful murals that depict our regional wonders.  For the real thing, head to Lake Newell to catch some sun on the beach, pitch a tent and boat on the largest lake in southern Alberta.  Sailors, be sure to check out the Prairie Wind Regatta in July for the most spectacular nautical event in the west. 

There’s a reason we manage to stay so young around here.  Brooks is a place for the whole family.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our green spaces, with an 18-hole golf course and walking trails for mom and dad, and numerous playgrounds, a skateboard and water park for the kids. 

This year, be sure to take in the Kinsmen Pro Rodeo in June for the parade, dance and, of course, the buckin’ bulls.  Summer also brings out local arts and culture with Shakespeare in the Park and the Medieval Fair.  In the fall, be sure to check out the Newell Regional Expo for the sights and sounds of the region.  The event will celebrate all that is Brooks and the County with interactive displays, performances, speakers, tours and more.  Finally, come back in November when Kevin Martin and world’s top curlers square off during the Cactus Pheasant Curling Classic.        

No matter what you’re looking for, we have it in Brooks, Alberta’s Centennial City. 
To all visitors, we extend a warm welcome to our community. 

Martin Shields, Mayor


Area Overview

The diverse manufacturing and service base of Brooks is located in one of the most geologically and agriculturally rich areas of Alberta. The region is a leader in oil and gas, agriculture, food processing, retail and construction. Located two hours east of Calgary and one hour west of Medicine Hat on the TransCanada Highway (Highway #1), along the CPR main line, Brooks is an oasis in the heart of south-eastern Alberta. As a four-time Communities in Bloom champion, Brooks combines both industry and aesthetics.

By any measure, Brooks and the south-eastern Alberta region are pushing ahead. While Canadian unemployment is at a 30-year low of 6%, Alberta leads the provinces at 3.8% and Brooks is a province leader at 2.9%. A prosperous labour market has fuelled a diverse economy. With a weekly payroll of $9.5 million, family expenditures are higher than most regions in the province, the housing market climbed 17% in 2007 and over $54 million in projects have been planned in the region. The regional population surge of 3% a year and a strong influx of foreign talent means Brooks is only growing.

Cost Advantages
In addition to lower labour costs, Brooks has a competitive tax environment: property and utility taxes are among the best in the province. Alberta has no provincial sales tax, provincial general capital tax, and no machinery and equipment tax.

Brooks is a hub of service industries, transportation routes, recreation and telecommunications. Energy costs are low and utilities are both cost effective and stable. Our children receive top quality education at all levels and we are host to the new Medicine Hat College Campus of Brooks. As part of the Palliser Health Region we have extensive health and medical care throughout all areas and providing us with up-to-date news and information are two local radio stations and newspapers.

With a younger work force and average farm receipts in the range of $100,000 to $249,999, the region is home to the most profitable farmers in Alberta. In addition to a healthy agricultural economy we also support a growing oil and gas industry with increasing investment and developmnet opportunities. All the major players in the oil and gas sector have operations here. The region is home to 48% of all wells in Alberta and 37% of all wells in Canada with 4,000-5,000 people employed in the industry and over 170 service firms.

There is no shortage of fun and activity in Brooks. We host recreational facilities and areas for golfing, camping, hunting, swimming, fishing, curling, and skating - just to name a few. The newly built Lakeside Leisure Centre is the current home to 2 indoor skating arenas, multi-purpose rooms, workout gym, basketball and volleyball court, curling rink, and an aquatic centre which houses a 35 metre indoor swimming pool, waterslide, waterpark, sauna, and steamroom. Just south of Brooks is the popular Lake Newell, one of the country's largest man-made lakes and a favourite for fishing, boating and sailing. Finally, just north of Brooks is the world heritage site Dinasaur Park, a whoel other world of hoodoos and fossils.

Among the reasons why you should look to Brooks as a home or business location are:

  • High calibre of services provided by the municipality;
  • High standard of life with quality educational, medical and recreational services available;
  • Adjacent to major transportation corridors;
  • Affordable housing - everything from entry level to executive;
  • Combined tax and utility rates very competitive with other Alberta communities;
  • Affordable labour force with a strong work ethic;
  • Centrally located in southeast Alberta;
  • Province of Alberta has no sales tax or payroll tax;
  • Provincial Corporate Income Tax is among the lowest in Canada;
  • Four-time Communities in Bloom winner; and
  • Continuous major developments.

The Alberta Advantage

Alberta’s economy is thriving - it has the highest rate of economic growth in Canada at 3.8% in the last ten years! Alberta has also consistently been the province with the highest investment per capita (Source: Alberta Economic Development). Southeast Alberta in particular has a flourishing energy sector, agri-food (including value-added agriculture), research and development in the area of defence, engineering and construction, metal fabrication and machinery, non-metallic minerals, and tourism (Source: Palliser Economic Partnership).



Brooks is centrally located in south-eastern Alberta. 

Source: MapQuest.com, Inc.

Brooks is located adjacent to major transportation corridors. This includes the TransCanada Highway and the Canadian Pacific Rail’s main east-west line. Limited spur access is available to the Brooks’ South Industrial Park. Brooks is located approximately 10 km (6 miles) from Hwy 36 on a paved industrial road. Industrial sites within Brooks are located on paved roads designed for industrial traffic. 

Distance to Major Centres


Distance from Brooks



Calgary, Alberta                  186 116
Medicine Hat, Alberta  111 69
Lethbridge, Alberta 159 99
Edmonton, Alberta 452 281
Regina, Saskatchewan 569 353
Vancouver Water Port 1155 717
Coutts/Sweetgrass 24 Hour USA Border Crossing 199 123
Spokane, USA 1025 637
Seattle, USA 1316 817


Economic Base

Regional Business Database

View the regional business database: This database features information on virtually every business enterprise residing in the City of Brooks and surrounding district.


The Brooks’ economy continues to experience strong growth, which at present is being driven by three main sectors. Once largely dependent on the oil and gas industry, the Brooks and regional economy has diversified to create a healthy and stable economy.


The agricultural economy remains a vital element of the Brooks’ economy. There is:

  • 260,000 irrigated farmland acres;
  • 600,000 acres of cultivated dry land farming; and  
  • 600,000 acres of native and improved rangeland in the region.

The availability of ample water from irrigation projects has assisted the agricultural economy's stability. In addition, a large range of businesses that offer goods and services to the agricultural sector are also present in Brooks and the surrounding area, including supplies of irrigation equipment and machinery.

The agricultural sector is further supported by a number of research and development facilities dedicated to crop improvement and diversification efforts. The most notable of which is the Alberta Crop Diversification Centre located on the boundary of Brooks, and operated by the Alberta Provincial Government.

The food processing industry is a significant contributor to the agricultural sector. Tyson Foods (Lakeside Packers) is among the largest of its type in North America. Beef and beef products are exported from this plant to retailers and consumers across North America. Lakeside is Brooks’ largest employer with approximately 2,500 employees.

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas activity continues to form a strong element of Brooks’ economy. Ongoing drilling and exploration programs mean that these companies are creating a greater foundation for oil and gas in Brooks and region for the future. A much larger number of companies in Brooks are involved in the oil and gas service industries. These companies provide goods and services for exploration, and also to the production and delivery side of the industry. There are approximately 200 businesses in the Brooks area that are involved in the oil and gas industry in one form or another, resulting in an industrial concentration that is unique for a community the size of Brooks.

Retail and Service Sector

Brooks operates as the retail and service sector for the community as well as the surrounding region. The growth in population has been paralleled by a growth in the retail and service sector, and new businesses are opening as opportunities arise. As a regional service centre, Brooks has a wide range of urban amenities and services, such as retail services, accommodations and eateries, major leisure centre, representation from all five major banks, and professional, technical and financial services. Because Brooks operates as a regional service centre, and therefore retail and other service activities are a vital source of employment locally.

The trading area population is approximately 25,000, which encompasses a radius of 60 km (37 miles).

Brooks welcomes businesses and prides itself on its facilities to meet the needs of industry.


Economic Facts

Major Businesses Products/Services

Financial Institutions

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Royal Bank
  • Toronto Dominion Bank
  • Brooks Savings and Credit Union
  • Alberta Treasury Branch



Electrical Power

Customer Service 310-4300 (local call anywhere in Alberta) 

1-800-332-1002 (toll free)

Natural Gas

Atco Gas
211 - 1st Avenue East
Brooks, Alberta   T1R 0G9
Tel: (403) 362-2646


Telus Communications Inc.
456 - 5th Street S.E.
Medicine Hat, AB   T1A 0N1
Tel: (403) 529-3311

Utility Rates

Utility Quantity




13.64m3 or less

Every m3 in excess





41m3 or less Bi-monthly

Every m3 in excess



Garbage and Recycling











City of Brooks
Parks and Environmental Services Department
Tel: (403) 362-0271
Residents can take yard and garden waste to the southeast corner of the rodeo grounds located on 7th Street East or drop in green composting bins located in residential alleys.  




Each year Council establishes a rate of taxation based on assessed values, sufficient to pay for those expenditures that are not recovered from other revenue sources. For 2007, the rate is $9.88 per $1,000 of assessed value for residential taxpayers and $14.82 per $1,000 for commercial and industrial taxpayers.

The Finance Department is responsible for the maintenance of over 5,000 different parcels within the City boundaries. Not only does the City generate annual and supplementary tax assessments but also surface irrigation levies, maintain the Tax Instlament Payment Plan, inventory City owned properties, provide timely response to assessment complaints and ensure compliance to tax recovery procedures.

Tax payments are due June 30th of each year. Tax notices are usually mailed out by May 15th each year. The due date is specified on the Tax Notices and is advertised two weeks before before the tax deadline in the two local newspapers.

Payments can be made directly to the City Office during regular business hours, through Internet banking, telephone banking and at most financial institutions. The City accepts cash, cheques, money orders, Interact and post dated cheques. For added convenience, there is a drop box located at the front enterance of the building.

T.I.P.P. - The Tax Instalment Payment Program is beneficial for those people who find it difficult to make a single payment that comes due once a year. The program is set up to allow the property owner to make monthly instalments with interest calculated at 2% per annum. For further information, please contact our Tax Department at (403) 362-3333.

Brooks has a favorable tax mill rate compared to other similar sized Alberta communities. The following table outlines the tax mill rate for 2006.


2006 Taxation Year

2007 Taxation Year







Provincial School Program



Newell Foundation






Commercial / Industrial*






Provincial School Program



Newell Foundation







Population 10,000-15,000


Rate (2007)

Residential Rate





Cold Lake



Fort Saskatchewan



































* all tax rates per $1,000 of assessment.

The tax amount (2007) for an average price home ($239,829.00) would be $2,371.00 (9.8866/$1,000) and be distributed in the following manner:

Distribution of Taxes by Function


Dollar Amount


School Foundations






Protective Services



Community Services



Newell Foundation















Air Services

The Brooks Municipal Airport has an 853 meter paved runway and all-weather facilities. The nearest commercial and air freight services are at Medicine Hat Airport (111 km),  Lethbridge (159 km) and Calgary International Airport (186 km) away.

Rail Services

Brooks is serviced by the Canadian Pacific Railway main line. Spur trackage is available.


Connecting highways include the TransCanada Highway (Highway #1) and Highway 36 (north-south).

Trucking Firms

There are 20 trucking companies in Brooks.

Bus Services

Greyhound Bus Lines provides a regular scheduled inter-community and freight service.

Couriers and Taxis

Brooks Taxi provides local taxi service.


Real estate in Brooks continues to be a strong investment strategy. Housing prices are continuing to experience a steady increase, which reflects trends in other areas of Alberta, as well as Canada.

Interest rates are still historically low and home ownership continues to be an excellent investment with long term appreciation. New home construction remains strong in the community with several neighbourhoods either in the planning or construction stage. Brooks offers a broad range of housing from the first time buyer to executive estate lots. The economic outlook for Brooks and region continues to be positive overall.

Affordable housing is being addressed as demonstrated by the Brooks Housing Society through the completion of its phase one development of thirty-nine suites in the southeast sector. Housing starts have remained strong through 2007. In addition, several multi-lot residential developments are coming on stream this year.


Community Lifestyle


The Brooks area is famous for world-class pheasant, upland game, deer and antelope hunting. Also, some of the best fishing in southern Alberta is available within thirty minutes of Brooks.

There are a number of notable provincial parks in the area. One of the most famous is Dinosaur Provincial Park, a World Heritage Site and one of the largest and most spectacular tracts of badlands in Canada - Canadian Badlands. Here you will find numerous rare and endangered plants, animals and habitat, plus one of the most important deposits of dinosaur skeletons and fossilized bones. Camping, hiking and picnic facilities are available a short distance at Lake Newell Reservoir, as well Kinbrook Island Provincial Park, and Tillebrook Park. The Brooks Aqueduct is designated as a National Historic Site. It stands as a monument to the vision of engineers, administrators and agriculturalists that developed the region through irrigation.

Numerous activities are available throughout the community for all residents. The newest is the Lakeside Leisure Centre located at 111 - 4th Avenue West, Tel (403) 362-3622. This facility houses a water fun park, lazy river, water slide and a lap pool for competitive swimming. It also has 2 gymnasiums a hockey arena, curling rink and many more multi-purpose rooms.


Community Organizations

Most service and fraternal organizations have clubs in the community. Click here for more information.

Religious Services

There are church and religious organizations that operate in Brooks. Click here for more information.

Special Events/Attractions

Kiwanis Ice Derby at Lake Newell Reservoir – February

“The Gather” Cattle Sale – March

Trade Show - The Brooks and District Chamber of Commerce host an annual trade show where local trades and trades from the region are displayed. The event is held in early spring in both arenas at the Lakeside Recreation Centre. Approximately 5,000 people attend this annual event.

Brooks Kinsmen Rodeo - This is an annual event generally held the first weekend of June each year. It is a carnival atmosphere with rides for all ages, games, entertainment and, of course, the Rodeo including the Little Britches Rodeo. This is a major event which is very well attended. The event starts on the Friday night with Midnight Madness, Saturday morning Parade and ends on Saturday evening with fireworks.

Street Fair - June

Music in the Park - hosted by Brooks Public Library takes place in June.

Canada Day - The City's Recreation Staff works diligently in presenting a day full of entertainment for all ages. The event starts early afternoon and ends with a fireworks extravaganza at 11:00pm. Entertainment includes: Canada Day Parade, local vocalists, song groups, dance groups, a presentation from Tae Kwon Do, face painting, plus beef-on-a-bun and a Canada Day Cake celebration. This event is for all ages and many come out to enjoy the festivities.

Medieval Faire - The Brooks Public Library's Annual Medieval Faire is held in July. Events take place at the Brooks Public Library and in Evergreen Park. Medieval Faire brings the City of Brooks back to the days of swords and jousting, kings and queens, jesters and town criers. Displays, fighting demonstrations, children's programs, the Maye Queene Pageant, merchants, food and drink... as well as much, much more. There will be something for the whole family at the Medieval Faire.

Diabetes Association host a number of events

  • Turkey Supper - March
  • Walk for Diabetes - May
  • Steak & Beans Golf Tournament - July
  • Breakfast with Santa - November
  • Festival of Trees - November

Brooks Museum Heritage Day – August

Terry Fox Run – September

Pheasant Festival Week – October

Community Christmas – December



Brooks is part of the Grasslands Regional School Division #6, headquartered in Brooks (Tel: (403) 793-6700, Fax: (403) 362-8225). Christ the Redeemer School Division, headquartered in Okotoks (Tel: (403) 938-4575).


  • Apple Blossom Day Homes
    • Tel: 1-877-842-7753
  •  Brooks Nursery School
    • Tel: (403) 362-4828
  • Newell Integrated Child Care Centre
    • Tel: (403) 362-6559


Public schools located in Brooks include:

  • Eastbrook Elementary (2 -6)
    • Tel: (403) 362-5464
  • Griffin Park School (2-6)
    • Tel: (403) 362-7555  
  • Central Elementary School (Preschool – Grade 11)
    • Tel: (403) 362-2660
  • Brooks Junior High School (7 – 9)
    • Tel: (403) 362-3524   
  • Brooks Composite High School (10-12)
    • Tel: (403) 362-4814 
  • Sunrise Schools (4 -12)
    • Tel: (403) 793-2025
  • Ecole Francophone de Brooks
    • Tel: (403) 362-2010 


  • Holy Family Academy (K-6)
    • Tel: (403) 362-8001
  • St. Joseph’s Collegiate (7-12)
    • Tel: (403) 362-5989


  • Newell Christian School Society is located outside of Brooks and provides a faith-based alternative.
    • Tel: (403) 378-4448


The Sunrise Outreach School provides students age 15-20 an alternative to conventional classrooms and school. This school offers a full complement of courses to achieve a high school diploma while trying to create an alternative learning environment sensitive to the needs of the individual.

The Brooks Community Adult Learning Council (BCALC) provides educational programs and non-credit courses to the community of Brooks.

The Brooks Campus of Medicine Hat College provides post-secondary technical and business certificate courses, plus 1st and 2nd year university transfer programs.

The Corporate Education Network (CENetwork) is a comprehensive website that promotes a “one-stop-shop” of training services available to individuals and businesses in Southeast Alberta. Users of the CENetwork can research, compare and register for training courses, events, and facilities, all in one centralized online location. This initiative was made possible through a partnership with Entre-Corp Business Development Centre, Medicine Hat College, Palliser Economic Partnership and Office of Learning Technologies – Human Resources and Social Development.



Brooks Health Centre                                                                                             
Bag 300, 440 - 3rd Street East
Brooks, AB T1R 1B3
Tel: (403) 501-3232

The Brooks Health Centre provides 40 acute care beds and 75 long-term care beds. A 24-hour emergency room service is provided by the current twelve family physicians. There are several outpatient programs including cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes education, asthma education, recreational therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. The Palliser Health Authority provides community health nursing, dental program, early intervention services and parenting programs.

Community Health Services
440 – 3rd Street East
Tel: (403) 501-3300
Monday – Friday (8:30 am to 4:30 pm)

Alberta Mental Health Board
440 – 3rd Street East
Tel: (403) 362-1252
Monday – Friday (8:00 am to 4:30 pm)
After hours Crisis Management Helpline: 1-800-408-5465


Emergency Services

Police Services

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) provides community policing, highway patrol and identification units. The City of Brooks employs three special constables. The 9-1-1 service is available throughout the region.
24 Hour Dispatch: (403) 362-5535
Administration: (403) 362-5548

Fire Services

Fire protection is provided by the Brooks Volunteer Fire Department, which consists of Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, four volunteer officers and about twenty-five volunteer firefighters. The fire department is equipped to handle fire fighting and suppression, motor vehicle accidents, ice/water rescue, high angle rescue and chemical spill containment and clean up.

Emergency: 9-1-1

Contact Fire Chief: (403) 362-2331  


The Brooks and District Ambulance provide ambulance services for both the City of Brooks and the surrounding rural area.

The member municipalities jointly fund the Brooks and District Ambulance Service. Ambulances are stationed at the Brooks Hospital at 440 - 3rd Street East with offices at 515 - 1st Avenue East. The Brooks and District Ambulance Association employ four full-time EMT-A’s and eight full-time paramedics. Services provided include emergency response, inter-hospital transfers, industrial standby, community event standby and a variety of training and instruction classes and information.


Community Services


City of Brooks
Bag 880, 201 - 1st Avenue West
Brooks, AB   T1R 1B7
Tel: (403) 362-3333
Fax: (403) 362-4787

Family & Community Support Services
Bag 880
Brooks, AB   T1R 1B7
Tel: (403) 362-3333
Fax: (403) 362-4787

Brooks Employment Services 
Box 63, 120 - 3rd Street West
Brooks, Alberta   T1R 1B2
Tel: (403) 793-8032

Municipal Library
Box 1149
Brooks, AB   T1R 1B9
Tel: (403) 362-2947
Fax: (403) 362-7484

Parks Department
Bag 880
Brooks, AB   T1R 1B7
Tel: (403) 362-0271
Fax: (403) 362-5658

Public Works
Bag 880
Brooks, AB   T1R 1B7
Tel: (403) 362-3146
Fax: (403) 362-5658

Recreation Centre
Bag 880
Brooks, AB   T1R 1B7
Tel: (403) 362-3622
Fax: (403) 362-4416


  • Agriculture
  • Alberta Opportunity Company
  • Alberta Human Resources & Employment
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Mental Health
  • Provincial Court
  • Crop Diversification Centre - South


  • Agriculture Financial Services Corp.
  • Canada
  • Post Royal Canadian Mounted Police



Brooks is located within a semi-arid part of Alberta with over 2,300 hours of sunlight annually. The following provides the climatic conditions of Brooks.

Annual Precipitation

37 cm

15 in.


27 cm

11 in


114 cm

45 in

Frost Free Days



Annual Hours of Sunlight



Temperatures (seasonal averages)




-13.9 C

7.0 F


4.6 C

40.3 F


18.5 C

65.3 F


6.3 C

43.3 F



Key Contacts


Business Development Officer
City of Brooks & Community Futures Entre-Corp, 201 - 1st Avenue West, T1R 0Z6
Tel: (403) 362-3333 

Brooks and District Chamber of Commerce 
#4, 403 - 2nd Avenue West  
Brooks AB   T1R 1B4
Tel: (403) 362-7641

Palliser Economic Partnership / Alberta Economic Development
Elvira Smid, Regional Manager
Gloria Filgas, Information Officer
Room 109, Provincial Building 
346 – 3rd Street SE
Medicine Hat AB T1A 0K8
(403) 529-3630

Western Economic Diversification Canada
Canada Place
1500, 9700 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton AB T5J 4H7
(780) 495-4164 or 1-888-338-9378

Arno Doerksen, Member of the Legislative Assembly [MLA]
Strathmore-Brooks Constituency 
630 Legislature Annex, 9718 - 107th Street
Edmonton AB T5K 1E4
(780) 422-6129
(403) 362-6969

Lavar Payne 
Member of Parliament [MP]
Medicine Hat Constituency
House of Commons
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6
(613) 992-4516

Constituency Office:
P.O. Box 640
Brooks AB T1R 1B6
(403) 362-7677

Municipal Office

Bag 880, 201 – 1st Avenue West 
Brooks AB   T1R 1B7

Public Works Department
207 – 7th Street East
Brooks AB   T1R 0B4
Tel: (403) 362-3146

Parks Department
207 – 7th Street East
Brooks AB    T1R 0B4
Tel: (403) 362-5658

Municipal Library 
Box 1149, 420 – 1st Avenue West
Brooks AB   T1R 1B9
Tel: (403) 362-2947


Southeast Alberta Child and Family Services
Suite 100, 600 Cassils Road East
(403) 362-1284

Human Resources & Employment Suite
200, 600 Cassils Road East
tel: (403) 362-1278

Brooks Crop Diversification Centre-South
Tel: (403) 362-3391


Canada Post
120 – 1st Avenue West
Tel: (403) 362-3724


Community Culture Centre
327 – 3rd Street West

Brooks Women’s Shelter Administration
Tel: (403) 362-2766
24 Hour Crisis: (403) 793-2232

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Statistics Canada Information is used with the permission of Statistics Canada. Users are forbidden to copy the data and redisseminate them, in an original or modified form, for commercial purposes, without the expressed permission of Statistics Canada. Information on the availability of the wide range of data from Statistics Canada can be obtained from Statistics Canada’s Regional Offices, its Web site at http://www.statcan.ca, and its toll-free access number 1-800-263-1136.

[ Source: Government of Alberta – Finance and Enterprise ]
[ Source: Government of Alberta – Finance and Enterprise ]
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