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The Town of Canmore is one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada to live work and play! Nestled in the stunning Rocky Mountains within minutes of a world heritage wilderness park, three provincial parks, five world-renowned ski resorts, six breath-taking golf courses, and an international airport, it has a myriad of opportunities to offer the adventurous entrepreneur.

We boast an energetic and well-educated population that values a vigorous, outdoor adventure lifestyle to recharge their entrepreneurial drive. This compelling combination has made Canmore one of the fastest-growing and most desirable communities in Canada.

Capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the 1988 Olympics, we have grown from a mining town with a once uncertain future, to an international tourist destination with a growing reputation.

Our community is keenly aware of the fine balance between economic growth and a healthy environment. It is for this reason that we seek the kind of business that can take advantage of our incredible location with minimal environmental impact. Our future lies in the intellectual wealth coming to the community from all over the world as well as strong opportunities in the areas of health & wellness. Opportunities that can sustain our strong tourism background at the same time attract a new kind of investment that will provide a greater spectrum of employment opportunities and, most importantly, will preserve our key asset: the natural environment.

We invite you to explore the possibilities in our beautiful valley. Contact the Canmore Economic Development Authority for detailed information on doing business in Canmore or enter here if you are interested in working in Canmore.

Ron Casey



11,559 Permanent   4,818 Non-Permanent/Second Homes 

Distance from Calgary

*106 KMS (66 miles) west of Calgary on the TransCanada Highway *22 KMS (12 miles) east of the Banff townsite on the Trans Canada Highway

Health & Wellness

72 bed hospital with over 60 practicing physicians & surgeons.  Dentists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Pscychologists, Cancer Center, Full range of complimentary & integrative health services & wellness specialists. 

Prime Mountain Recreation

World Class Canmore Nordic Centre, 5 major ski resorts, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, and general nature retreat.


Young, energetic and well-educated population that values a vigorous, outdoor adventure lifestyle

Major Economic Base

Tourism, Construction, Health & Wellness

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Area Overview

POPULATION (2006 Municipal Census)
Permanent Population: 11,599 ~ 5.7% Growth Non-Permanent Population: 4,818 ~ 27% Growth Total Population: 16,417 Total Number of Households (permanent): 5,728 Avg. # Persons per Household (permanent): 2.47 Total Number of Households:7,551

Canmore is continuing to grow, but at a slower rate than it did during the previous decade. Turnover rates for the area are high with 47% here 5 years or less, however, this is down from over 50% in 2001. The growth in non-permanent population has risen exponentially over the past 5 years, at 22% in 2003. Projections for Canmore generally range at a between 20,000 to 25,000, and if current rates continue, approximately 1/3 could be projected to be non-permanent.


AGE 1993 2003
0-9 years 17% 11%
10-19 years 12% 13%
20-24 years 5% 8%
25-44 years 44% 37%
45-64 years 15% 23%
65 years plus 7% 7%
unknown 0% 2%

Census results have also shown a slight aging trend to the population, in keeping with the growth in the non-permanent population, consisting mainly of active, semi-retired or retired individuals & couples looking for the mountain retreats and recreation amenities offered in the area. Average Canmore household income or $57,910 in 2003 was higher than the surrounding community of Banff at $45,651 and the whole of Alberta at $52,524.

Canmore is a community very aware of its spectacular mountain surroundings and of the need to protect the environment so that it can be enjoyed by its citizens and travellers for many years to come. The town has a positive attitude to development as long as it is done in a manner that matches the surrounding environment.

Some of the key advantages of living and doing business in Canmore include: excellent location; mountain lifestyle which provides a superior quality of life and sense of community; environmental protection and sensitivity; tremendous growth opportunities and ease of doing business.



Canmore is nestled in the spectacular Bow Valley, between the shores of the Bow River and the TransCanada Highway. Towering over this mountain community are the magnificent buttresses of the Rundle Mountain Range, Mount Lady MacDonald, Ha Ling Peak and Three Sisters mountain peaks. We're flanked by two of Alberta's most well-protected and well-known wilderness areas: Banff National Park to the west and Kananaskis Country to the south and east. We're a prime tourist destination - and a beautiful place to live.

Canmore is just five minutes outside the Banff National Park gates, through which close to 5 million tourists pass every year. There are four entrances to Canmore off the four-lane TransCanada Highway just before the gates, so we're always easy to access. And with restaurants, hotels, gas stations, gift shops and other immediate tourist amenities, many visitors to Banff are now making Canmore a destination, sidetracked by Canmore's conveniences, and pleasantly surprised by its charm. The 1996 Banff-Bow Valley Report prompted the federal government to significantly curb further development in Banff, and cap its population. This has meant even more spill-over and growth opportunities in Canmore. And at less than a one hour drive on the well-maintained TransCanada highway from Calgary, the economic centre of Alberta, Canmore is convenient, too. The Calgary International Airport puts Canmore residents within hours of anywhere in North America.

Alberta Map

Canmore Map



Driving Distance from Canmore



Time Required

Calgary (city centre)



1 hour, 8 minutes

Calgary International Airport



1 hour, 18 minutes

Edmonton, Alberta



4 hours, 14 minutes

Vancouver, British Columbia



10 hours, 19 minutes

Toronto, Ontario



36 hours, 15 minutes

United States Border (Coutts, Alberta crossing)



4 hours, 28 minutes

It is important to note that time required is calculated based on 'ideal' traffic and weather conditions.

**Distance is measured from city centre to city centre**


Economic Base

Canmore was once virtually a one-industry town, with an economy that depended almost entirely on coal mining. When the last mine closed down in 1979, some people thought Canmore would become a ghost town. However, world-wide exposure from hosting the 1988 Nordic Olympic events has driven strong and steady economic growth for well over a decade.

The tourism industry continues to be the driving force behind our economy.  The recent global calamities have had an impact on the valley however we look forward to a renewed increase based on a strengthening global economy and continued strong Canadian and Albertan economy. 

Added to this forecast is the imminent  resort development, preliminary plans focusing around development of a complete health and wellness destination.  This opens up a whole new range of opportunities from subsidiary health & wellness services to research and education.

While tourism and construction will continue to be driving forces for the economy, efforts towards a more diversified economy are underway focusing on the potential growth and expertise coming from our new residents.  The Canmore Business Registry data shows there are just under 1500 businesses operating in Canmore. Home-based businesses make up just over 1/3 of those businesses, about 400 from out-of-district, and the remainder are resident businesses to Canmore.  Many businesses are tourism-related, however we are beginning to see them branch out into new markets driven by the expansion of our newest population growth – the semi-retired professionals, consultants, executives coming here for the unique mountain lifestyle while working globally. 

While Main Street bustles with funky cafes, sports stores, craft shops, art galleries, bookstores and health-food stores, we are seeing a new breed of operator, looking to tap into this new market at the same time, relying on an increasing tourism market for their bread and butter. 

Currently we are experiencing a construction boom, with over $113 million in building permits in 2004, therefore construction is a key force in the economy at the moment.  While the majority of these permits are related to our residential growth, we are experiencing an trend of increased commercial growth. 

There is incredible business potential in the areas of tourism, environmental technologies, software development and other technology related businesses as well as retail, and business services.  Energy and plans are being directed at increasing employment in the area of Health and Personal Services through efforts to increase opportunities in the area of Health & Wellness.  These efforts fit strongly with increasing demands from an aging population and tourism demand for experiences and services related to health, wellness and personal development.  Add an attitude that has become increasingly “business-friendly” in recent years and the formula is ready for growth.


Economic Facts

According to the most recent 2006 Canmore Census, the industries that employ the largest percentage of the Canmore population are:

1. Accommodation and Food – 19.16%
2. Personal Services – 13.05%
3. Education, Health, Social Services – 12.81%
4. Construction – 11.38%
5. Retail-Wholesale Trade – 9.38%
6. Professional Services – 7.31%
7. Government – 5.12%
8. Transportation, Comm., Utilities – 4.92%
9. Financial, Insurance, Real Estate – 4.02%
10. Manufacturing – 2.37%
11. Mining and Oil – 2.59%
12. Agriculture & Forestry – 0.92%
13. Other – 2.25%
14. Unknown – 4.73%

The largest employer reflecting the tourism industry, continues to be the service sector, particularly in Accommodations, Food & Beverage and Personal Services. The Construction industry is also a major driver, related to the development still underway.The unemployment rate as measured by the Canmore Census from 1995 to 2006 has fluctuated between 1.4% and 3.1%. In 2003, it was 2.3%, and in 2006 it dropped even lower to 1.59%, well below provincial averages annually.


Median Selling Price (2003) ~ $315,000
Average Selling Price (2003) ~ $347,197
Monthly Rental Housing (2004)(2003) 1 Bedroom ~ $750.00
2 Bedroom ~ $985.00
3 Bedroom ~ $1,250.00
Bachelor/Studio ~ $575.00
Roomate/Shared ~ $425.00


Downtown , Main Street (Retail) ~ $30 net
Downtown, 10th, and Main (Rear Access) ~ $22 net
Downtown Offices ~ $16 net - $18 net
Bow Valley Trail (Retail) ~ $22 net I
ndustrial Bays (Elk Run Area) ~ $10 net


All growing or adding services to meet the needs of a growing community.

Alberta Treasury Branch ~ expanded branch office opened in 2004
Bank of Montreal ~ renovated space and expanded hours to meet growing community needs
Bow Valley Credit Union ~ continues to service a homegrown attitude
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce ~ major renovations in 2001
Royal Bank ~ opened and growing since 1996

...A Canmore office ... outdoors


Electricity and Natural Gas

Electricity and natural gas are deregulated in Alberta.  For information on Alberta regulations for water and waste water please visit Alberta Environment

Telephone and Internet

Telephone line rental is provided by TELUS Communications Inc.

High speed internet service is available through Telus (see link above) or Shaw Cable or MyCanopy

Water & Wastewater

The Town of Canmore Utilities Department in partnership with EPCOR, takes care of water and waste water treatment, water distribution, waste water collection, biosolids management, metering and billing services, utilities capital and infrastructure planning.

Waste & Recycling

Town of Canmore managed Water, Wastewater and Waste Management The Town of Canmore Waste Management Department is responsible for solid waste services including: residential garbage collection, transfer and disposal; dry waste landfill site operations; closure and post closure of completed sections of the landfill; recyclable materials collection, processing and marketing; toxic waste round-ups; yard waste and sewage sludge composting programs; and promotion and education of general waste management issues.

Due to significant wildlife issues in the area, all waste storage must be either indoors or in the approved animal secure bins.

Commercial waste removal and recycling is not available through the Town of Canmore.  Companies are responsible for making their own arrangements.  

Enter here for more information on Town of Canmore's recycle program.

For information on the provision of utilities and services for the development and expansion of sewer, water, roads, and sidewalks, contact:  Town of Canmore Public Works 403.678.1580 











 Working through a public/private partnership with



Residential/Farmland Non-Residential
Municipal Tax Rate Mill Rates 2006 Residential - 5.64693 mills Non-Residential - 11.86190 mills
Education - Alberta School Foundation Fund Tax Rate 2.7810 6.4147
Education Opted Out Tax Rate 2.7810 6.4147
Seniors Lodge Accommodation Tax Rate .1190 .1190

Contact the municipal office at (403) 678-1500 for assessments on commercial and industrial properties.




Canmore is located on Canada’s main transportation artery, the Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1) between Banff and Calgary. A second, slower, more scenic connecting highway, running parallel to Highway 1, is the Highway 1A.


The Calgary International Airport is located 1 ½ hours from Canmore. As the 3rd busiest airport in Canada with over 133000 flights annually, Calgary International is serviced by most major Canadian and international airlines.

For further information, contact:

The Calgary Airport Authority
Calgary International Airport
2000 Airport Road NE
Calgary, AB T2E 6W5
Tel: (403) 735-1200
Fax: (403) 735-1281
Website: www.calgaryairport.com

The Springbank Airport ~ A satellite airport to the Calgary International Airport, supports general aviation activities and is used extensively by recreational aircraft. The airport is located eighty kilometers east, between Canmore and Calgary.

For information contact:

Springbank Airport
Box 1, Site 16, R. R. #2
Calgary, AB T2P 2G5
Tel: (403) 286-1494
Fax: (403) 288-4488

Local Air Services

Alpine Helicopters ~ Located at the local heliport, Alpine Helicopters offers a range of services including commercial, film, mountain rescue, sightseeing tours and transportation.

Alpine Helicopters Ltd.
91 Bow Valley Trail
Canmore, AB
T1W 1N8 Tel: (403) 678-4802
Fax: (403) 678-2176

Bus Services

Greyhound Bus Lines Regularly scheduled inter-community services between Canmore and Banff or Calgary, and destinations beyond.

Tel: 403-678-4465
Fax: (403) 678-6587

Public Transportation: While public transportation is not available, Canmore offers a range of choices for charter bus, taxi and airporter shuttle services.

Taxi Companies

  • Apex Cabs (403) 609-0030
  • Canmore Taxi (403) 678-6400
  • VIP Taxi (403) 609-8897
  • Two Brother’s Taxi (403) 609 8505
  • ACab (403) 609-8897

Trucking Firms

~ There are extensive trucking options available in Canmore and the Bow Valley.

Rail Services

Extensive nationwide rail system to accommodate the shipment of goods throughout Canada and internationally through connector stations in Calgary providing container services, steamship containers, piggy-back and car-load services. Passenger rail services are available through VIA Rail, operating out of Canadian National Rail, closest transfer station being Edmonton.

CPR - Canadian Pacific Railway

CNR - Canadian National Railway

Courier Service

  • Canmore Courier
    Tel: 403-678-5008
  • Greyhound Courier Express
    Tel: 403-678-4465
  • ZeeLinx:

Like communities everywhere, we are also serviced by all major national courier services.


Community Lifestyle

A Mountain Lifestyle

In Canmore it is possible to achieve a balance between work and pleasure in a breath-taking natural environment. A positive lifestyle increases productivity and creativity through inspiration and motivation. This in turn makes for more satisfied workers, and decreases turn-over rates.

For most people, it's Canmore's endless recreation opportunities that make the difference. There's something for every member of the family, and it's easy to understand why Canmore attracts people from all over the world, as new residents or simply as visitors.

We have top-class sports facilities such as The Canmore Recreation Centre with a hockey rink, 25-metre salt water swimming pool, weight room and a gymnastics centre. Next door is the Canmore Golf and Curling Club, with four sheets of ice and an 18-hole golf course. In the winter, over 70 km of trails are groomed for classic and skate-style cross-country skiing at the Canmore Nordic Centre. There is also a biathlon range, a lit trail for night skiing, and a training centre for the Canadian National Ski Team at the Nordic Centre. In summer, the ski trails are used for mountain biking, hiking and even "disk golf."

Also within town (or just outside our boundaries) are hiking paths, tennis courts, horseback-riding stables, playgrounds, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, a skateboard park, outdoor and indoor rock-climbing, several private health clubs, yoga studios, karate and tai chi studios, a running track, picnic areas, fishing spots, campgrounds and dog-sledding facilities.


Theatre productions, music concerts, art galleries, historical displays, craft shows and unique cultural festivals are also part of Canmore's multifaceted community. ArtSPEAK, The Festival of the Eagles, the Canmore Heritage Day Folk Festival, various dinner theatre productions, the Winter Festival, Art in the Park, the Trappers' Ball and the Canmore Highland Games are just a few of Canmore's exciting cultural events.

And since the Olympic Winter Games Nordic events were held in Canmore in 1988, there has been a full calendar of international sporting events each year. These include the TransRockies Mountain Bike races, International and World Cup nordic ski events, the Rocky Mountain Marathon, the Alberta International Dog Sled Classic and more.

For a complete list of Canmore's Cultural Directory enter here.


Within an hour's drive from Canmore are several world-famous downhill ski resorts (Banff Mount Norquay, Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, Fortress Mountain and Nakiska), the Banff Hot Springs, the Banff Centre for the Arts, several internationally acclaimed golf courses and dozens of back-country lodges and retreats.

Community Organizations

Canmore has a huge range of community organizations and clubs supporting youth, sport, culture, seniors, hiking and more, that would meet almost any interest.

For a complete list of community organizations and clubs enter here.

Community Service Clubs

  • Canmore Hospital Auxiliary
  • Canmore Lioness Club
  • Canmore Lions Club
  • Canmore Rotary Club
  • Three Sisters Royal Canadian Legion

As well as a broad range of social and health networks and support groups, most coordinated or facilitated by Canmore Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) or the Canmore Community Resource and Volunteer Centre

Religious Organizations & Services

  • Canadian Rockies Revival Centre 609-2024
  • Canmore Christian Fellowship 678-2508
  • Canmore Community Church 678-2399
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 762-3113
  • Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall 678-4121
  • Mountain Baptist Church 678-2861
  • Mountain Sanctuary Seventh-Day Adventist Church (1st Ave. & Hospital Place)
  • Ralph Connor United Church 678-5354
  • Rocky Mountain Victory Church 678-8746
  • Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Parish 678-5022
  • Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church 678-6700
  • St. Michael's Anglican Church 678-5191
  • Trinity Bible Church 678-5063

Special Events

  • Canada Day Celebrations July 1
  • Heritage Day Folk Festival August long weekend
  • Canmore Highland Games September long weekend
  • Festival of the Eagles Spring / Fall
  • Canmore Winter Festival February
  • International Sled Dog Races February
  • ArtSPEAK June
  •  Canmore Heritage Days Folk Festival - August long weekend
  • International Bike Races Nordic Centre Summer
  • Alberta Centennial Celebrations - Sept. 1, 2005
  • Canmore Highland Games - September long weekend
  • Mozart on the Mountain - September
  • Centennial World Cup Cross-Country Ski - December I
  • nternational Nordic Ski Events Nordic Centre Winter



There are 40+ hotels and motels, and 56 Bed & Breakfast establishments in Canmore and area - just over 2000 rooms from full-service suite style and condo style units to kitchenette / drive to your door motel units. A full range of services are available including indoor gym and waterslide & swimming facilities, restaurants, and meeting/conference facilities from small to large. There are an additional 3 more hotels in the serious development stages with one of these in the construction stage. making an approximate 1000 more rooms under development or proposed for the area in the future.


Canmore has 55 + restaurants, many offering outside catering services, providing a wide variety of dining experiences.

Conference/Meeting/Banquet/Dance Facilities

Canmore can accommodate conferences/dances up to 500 - 600 people, including catering, break-out facilities, equipment and any other conference services required.



Canmore residents are a well-schooled group - among the most highly educated citizens in Canada. Fully 20% of our population have completed a bachelor's degree or higher at University. This is well above the national average of 12% and the provincial average of only 5%. Students at our schools, part of the Canadian Rockies School Division, have been recognized for outstanding achievements in nearly all fields of discipline. Stats Can


Alberta Vocational College, Adult Education Programs, and The Banff Centre are available. The post-secondary education services in the City of Calgary are only 1 hour away.

  • Bow Valley College, Adult Education Programs [Tel:403-678-3125]
  • The Banff Centre [Tel: 403-762-6100]
  • Bow Valley Learning Centre [Tel: 403-678-3125]

Public School System

Canadian Rockies Public Schools
Phone (403) 762-5581
(offering instruction in english and french immersion)

  • Elizabeth Rummel Elementary, Canmore (403) 678 6292
  • Lawrence Grassi Middle School (403) 678 6006
  • Canmore Collegiate High School (Gr. 9 - 12) (403) 678 6192

Separate School System

  • Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy (403) 609 3699
  • Notre-Dame des Monts (403) 609-0002

Other Schools

  • Canmore Pre-School (403) 678-2538
  • La Petite Ecole Preschool (403) 678-3325
  • Mountain Gate Community School (403) 609-2105


Canmore Community Daycare (403) 678 5762


Post Secondary


Beyond primary and secondary schooling, Canmore residents don’t need to travel far to access a wide range of post secondary opportunities, such as universities, colleges and technical institutes.

Educational oportunities available within the Town of Canmore or near by Banff are:

For additional information on Educational Opportunities in close proximity to Canmore visit the school's corresponding website:


Educational Facility



Web site

University of Calgary

Calgary, AB



University of Lethbridge

Lethbridge, AB




Calgary, AB



Mount Royal College

Calgary, AB



AB College of Art & Design

Calgary, AB



DeVry Canada

Calgary, AB



Olds Agricultural College

Olds, AB



Red Deer College

Red Deer, AB

403- 342-3300




Canmore's health care system combines the equipment, technology and qualified, professional staff of any large city with the personal, caring service of a small town.We are increasingly known for quality health

The Canmore Hospital is modern and well-equipped, and features a comfortable extended care wing, specialized surgical procedures, 64 physicians with privileges, and the Bow Valley Cancer Clinic. Next door, the world renowned Canmore Pain Clinic helps patients from across the country deal with chronic pain problems. Several sports injuries clinics, four family medical clinics, the Bow River Seniors Lodge and in-home health care services, plus several alternative health care facilities give complete and compassionate health care to residents of all ages.

  • Calgary Region Health Authority (403) 678-7208
  • Senior & Extended Abilities Care
  • Bow River Senior Citizen Lodge
  • Canmore Extendi-care - Canmore Hospital

Other health facilities in Canmore include

911 Acupuncturists, Ambulance service, Aromatherapy, Cardiologist, Chiropractors, Dental Clinics, Denturists, Dietitians, Health Unit, Herbologists, Midwifery, Optometrists, Obstetrics, Orthodontists, Pain Clinic, Pediatrician, Plastic Surgeon, Pharmacies Podiatrist, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Respite Care Respiratory Specialist, Sports clinics, Surgeons Therapists (massage, occupational, and physiotherapy)


Emergency Services

Canmore has a crime rate lower than most towns of similar size (and almost any city), which makes it safe place to raise a family. On a per capita basis, the crime rate against persons and property in Canmore has remained relatively stable since 1995. (from 2003 Community Monitoring Report)

Police Services

Police Services are provided to the Town of Canmore by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Service is provided to the Town under the Community Policing concept. The municipal detachment consists of one Staff Sergeant, two Corporals, nine Constables and three support staff. Our mandate is to protect life and property, detect and investigate crime, enact crime prevention initiatives and enforce Federal, Provincial and Municipal Statutes. The detachment offers 24-hour service. The Town of Canmore provides municipal by-law enforcement.

Fire Protection & Ambulance Services

Canmore Emergency Services is a combined Fire, Rescue, and Advanced Life Support service. Our Emergency Services Department consists of 11 full time staff; a Chief, Deputy Chief, Administrative Assistant, and eight Firefighter/EMS personnel. 30 fire volunteers support full time staff. On duty personnel have both medical and fire training and are able to respond to fire and/or medical emergencies. Many of our volunteers have EMT-A or EMR status to assist the full time personnel. They are also supported through the STARS trauma helicopter program.


Community Services

Canmore Town Office
902 7th Avenue
Canmore, AB T1W 3K1
Phone: (403) 678-1500
Fax: (403) 678-1534
E-Mail: info@canmore.ca

Canmore Economic Development Authority
#202, 600 - 9th Street
Canmore, AB T1W 2T2
(403) 678-6902
(403) 678-0785 fax

Town of Canmore Planning & Development
902 7th Avenue, Canmore, AB T1W 3K1
(403) 678-1511
(403) 678-1534

Canmore Business Registry
902 7th Avenue
Canmore, AB T1W 3K1
(403) 996-0127


FCSS – Canmore Family and Community Support Services Canmore Family and Community Support Services (Canmore FCSS) provides a full range of support for social needs from seniors to youth, including Community Resource Centre, Seniors Worker, Family Liaison Worker, Family Support Worker, Youth Facilitator, Canmore Early Parenting Centre, the Volunteer Resource Centre, Canmore Food Bank.

Canmore Municipal Library
The Canmore Public Library is a gateway to a world of information and entertainment. There are books in many languages, books on tape and cd, bestsellers and large print books, music tapes and cds and videos to borrow. A wide selection of magazines and newspapers is available. Browse the Canmore Business Idea & Info Centre for the latest trends. For information or entertainment, or to e-mail family and friends far away, book a time on one of the free public Internet terminals. There are pamphlets, government documents, college calendars, atlases, maps and telephone directories, all there for the use of the community. There are story hours and special programs for children. Other services include readers advisory and reference service, drop-in tutorials for Internet instruction, inter-library loans and support for the Bow Valley Literacy Program


  • Alberta Family Social Services
  • Recreation & Parks
  • Solicitor General (Driver Examination)
  • Transportation
  • Forestry Lands, and Wildlife
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Travel Alberta Visitor Information Centre
  • Canmore Provincial Building


  • Canada Post Office
  • Environment Canada
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police



We boast a young, energetic and well-educated population that values a vigorous, outdoor adventure lifestyle to recharge their entrepreneurial drive. This compelling combination has made Canmore one of the fastest-growing and most desirable communities in Canada.

Canmore's climate is known as a montane zone on the lower slopes of the Bow Valley and has unusually mild winter weather due to frequent warm chinook winds that drift into the valley about twenty times a year. Canmore is also fortunate to have a low annual precipitation of generally around 47 cms (19inches).

Seasonal Average Temperatures













Source: Environment Canada

Canmore from the top of Ha Ling Peak.

Key Contacts


Town of Canmore
902 7th Avenue
Canmore, Alberta T1W 3K1
Tel: 403-678-1500
Fax: 403-678-1534

Ron Casey, Mayor

Canmore Economic Development Authority
#202, 600 - 9th Street
Canmore, Alberta T1W 2T2
Tel: 403-678-6902
Tel: 1-866-CANMORE
Fax: 403-678-0785
E-mail: info@canmorebusiness.com

Tourism Canmore Kananaskis
Box 8608 Canmore  AB  T1W 2V3
Phone: (403) 678-1295
Phone: 1-866-CANMORE
Fax: (403) 678-1296
E-Mail: info@tourismcanmore.com   www.tourismcanmore.com

Community Futures Centre West
#6, 205 1st Street E
Cochrane, Ab.  T4C 1X6
Tel: (403) 932-0317
Toll Free: 1-877-603-2329
Fax: (403) 932-6824

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[ Source: Government of Alberta – Finance and Enterprise ]
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