Welcome to Grande Prairie No. 1, County of

The County of Grande Prairie No. 1 and its surrounding region offers unprecedented economic growth, business opportunity and quality of life. The influx of large and small business entrepreneurs has set the stage for enormous economic potential in the industrial, manufacturing, service and retail business industries.

We recognize the importance of good investment decisions being made on the basis of sound information. With that in mind, this profile has been designed to provide you with an introduction and a better understanding of the County of Grande Prairie and surrounding region.

Thank you for your interest in our region. We want you to make the right investment choice and therefore have designed this profile to assist you when considering the benefits of locating your business in the County of Grande Prairie.

If you require any additional information regarding development opportunities in our exciting region please contact Christopher King, Economic Development Officer at (780) 513-3956.



























Area Overview

The County of Grande Prairie and surrounding area is one of the fastest growing regions in Canada. The area was deemed as one of Alberta's small business hotbeds offering excellent opportunity for continued growth in new business in upcoming years (Bank of Montreal, 2003).

Some of the reasons why people enjoy living and doing business here include:   

  • A strong economy supported by a thriving oil and gas industry fueled by an abundance of energy reserves.
  • An abundance of forest reserves to responsibly meet the needs of a sustainable forest porducts industry. 
  • Wordl-class agriculture production supported by exceptional farm land
  • An abundance of serviced and unserviced land suitable for both industrial and residentail development.



  • Unmatched scenery and culturally diverse communities with limitless opportunities for leisure and recreation. 
  • An abundance of clean air and water.
  • Regional strength created from policies such as no provincial sales tax and low municipal tax.
  • An established infrastructure including air, rail, and four-lane highway system that the municipality continually monitors and makes appropriate changes to meet changing demands of service. 
  • An exceptional quality of life with access to the best amenities, health services and community programs making the Grande Prairie Region an ideal place to raise a family.



The County of Grande Prairie is committed to providing its residents with top quality services, a clean safe and friendly environment as well as to remain globally competitive with the many products which we produce.

County Council works hard to ensure that the County of Grande Prairie remains a dynamic leader in Alberta and Canada. We hope that you will make the Grande Prairie Region home for your business and family!




The County of Grande Prairie covers an area of 5,863square kilometres and is located 460 kilometres (268 miles) northwest of Edmonton.

Located within the County is the City of Grande Prairie, the Towns of Beaverlodge, Sexsmith and Wembley, the Village of Hythe, the Hamlets of LaGlace, Bezanson, Clairmont and Valhalla Centre, numerous small country points, and a small federal Indian Reserve. The County is bordered by the Municipal Districts of Greenview, Clear Hills, Saddle Hills and by the Province of British Columbia.

The County of Grande Prairie and surrounding region provides a diverse trading market serving over 250,000 people within a 200 km radius. With approximately 3.5 people per square kilometer it offers uncrowded, unspoiled scenery, and unlimited potential for industrial, commercial and residential




Economic Base

Although well known for its productive agricultural areas and agri-food products and services, our region is making waves with its thriving oil and gas, forestry, manufacturing, construction and tourism industries.

Our booming oil and gas economy and growth in related industries is the main reason why the Grande Prairie Region has become one of the fastest growing markets in Canada. Opportunities abound and the influx of people to the region is evidence of this.






Area Population

In 2011, the County of Grande Prairie No. 1 had a population of 20,347, representing a percentage change of 13.5% from 2006.  This compares to the regional growth of 11.1% and a national average growth of 5.9%.

In Alberta population projections, populationis expected to grow faster than the provincial average in the following 5 census divisons: CD1 (Medicine Hat), CD6 (Calgary), CD8 (Red Deer),
CD16 (Wood Buffalo( and CD19 (Grande Prairie).

  • County of Grande Prairie Population – 20,347 (based on 2011 Federal Census)
  • City of Grande Prairie Population – 55,032 (based on 2011 Federal Census)
  • Market Area Population – 250,000 within a 200 km radius (about a 2 hour drive)


Economic Facts

Major Regional Employers

Alberta Health Services-Peace Country Health (www.pchr.ca) is the region's largest public sector employer. It employs 3,400 people who provide health services to a population of 130,000, making it not only the largest employer in the Peace Country but also the largest employer north of Edmonton.

Major Public Sector Regional Employers include:

Several Provincial Government offices are located with the region -






Four Major Forestry Companies are located within the region including:


Other major employers in the oil and gas, hospitality and research and development disciplines include:


Agricultural Production  The County has extensive areas of highly productive agricultural land. Products include wheat, barley, canola, rye, flax, oats, peas, alfalfa, timothy, fescue, clover, saskatoons, peat moss, red meat, poultry, swine, eggs, dairy, table produce and honey. There are approximately 500 cattle producers, 5 dairy producers, 100 swine producers, 45 sheep producers, and 10 commercial poultry producers within the County of Grande Prairie.


Forestry Production Canfor has been a part of industry in Grande Prairie and area for decades, manufacturing a high quality lumber used throughout North America. Procter and Gamble Cellulose opened the doors of its Kraft pulp mill and saw mill in 1973, which was purchased in 1992 by Weyerhaeuser Canada. Today they generate over 50 percent of Alberta's annual pulp production. Adjacent to the Weyerhaeuser plant is Sterling Chemical's plant which produces sodium chlorate, a substitute for chlorine in the kraft pulp mill bleaching process. Risley Equipment Ltd., which is based out of Grande Prairie, plays a major role in the development and manufacturing of innovative products and technology serving the forestry industry.

Financial Institutions

All the major financial institutions have offices conveniently located within the City of Grande Prairie. These include:


Information Resources

The following websites are useful resources for Economic Development related information that pertains to the Greater Grande Prairie Region and the whole of Alberta.


 QUICK FACTS: About the County of Grande Prairie No.1

  • Latitude: 55° 10' N Longitude: 118° 53' W
  • Elevation: 669.00 m
  • Time Zone: MST
  • Total Area: 5,863 km² or 1,448,778 acres
  • Population density per km²: 3.5 people per km²
  • Current population: 20,347 (2011 Federal Census).
  • Population change from 2006 to 2011: 13.5 (2011 Federal Census).
  • Total Dwellings: 7,620 dwellings (2011Federal Census)


Planning and Development Statistics

The County of Grande Prairie came off a five-year period of record development. Total development permits of all types averaged 694 per year. In 2008, the number of residential permits dropped below average by nine percent, and drops in commerical and industrial development below the five year average were measured as well. However, permits issued for accessory buildings and other development were well above the five year average as existing new properties were upgraded. Accessory building development increased 26 percent and other forms of development grew 40 percent over the five-year average. For the most part, development moderated overall in the County but property owners continued to improve existing properties.

Overall the County is pleased to be able to accommodate the level of record growth experienced in the region over the past five years and will continue to take a leadership role in planning and facilitating economic and community development opportunities for the Greater Grande Prairie area.

For the latest monthly statistics released by Planning and Development of the County of Grande Prairie, click here.



Aquatera is a regional utility corporation formed by the County of Grande Prairie, City of Grande Prairie, and Town of Sexsmith. Aquatera owns and operates the wastewater treatment system, water distribution, water collection mains and structures, and sanitary sewer services for the City of Grande Prairie, Town of Sexsmith and a portion of the County. Aquatera also provides landfill service to the City of Grande Prairie and recycling programs through their Eco Centre including educational programs and information on recycling and composting, school tours and classroom visits.

Regional Water Line The County of Grande Prairie entered into partnership with the City of Grande Prairie and the Town of Sexsmith in 2006 to build a Regional Water Line carries treated water to residents in the County. The source of the water is the Wapiti River, which is then treated at the Aquatera Water Treatment Facility and distributed to the Hamlet of Clairmont, Town of Sexsmith and service development adjacent to the highway right-of-way. The water line provides a safe, secure water source for the growing needs of residential and industrial areas of the County.


The County of Grande Prairie provides high quality utility services to the following communities:  

  • Water and sewer service to the Hamlets of Bezanson, Teepee Creek and LaGlace.
  • Sewer service to the Hamlet of Valhalla.
  • Westlake Village, Carriage Lane and Wedgewood subdivisions, the Hamlet of Clairmont and the industrial development north of the City of Grande Prairie are provided with water and sewer service from Aquatera.
  • The municipality is developing a rural utility service for the rural area west of the City of Grande Prairie. 

     Regional Landfills and Recycling

    The County of Grande Prairie No.1 prides itself as a “green” County and encourages everyone to be respectful of our environment and mindful of our management of waste and consumer products.

    The West Grande Prairie County Regional Landfill was created by the Regional Waste Authority through an original partnership between the County of Grande Prairie and the Towns of Beaverlodge, Wembley, Hythe and Sexsmith. The Regional Landfill, which is located nine miles north and three miles east of Beaverlodge, serves the partnering municipalities.

    The County operates two landfill sites, three transfer stations and offers ten recycling depots across the County. For more information about the recycling programs in the county and what is accepted at each location visit the County website at www.countygp.ab.ca.


    Natural Gas and Electricity

    ATCO Gas distributes natural gas while  ATCO Electric distributes electricity for the County of Grande Prairie. This means that they are responsible for distributing connecting and maintaining gas and electrical lines, respectively, for businesses and residences. Once a service is established, residents and businesses must choose between a number of gas and electricity providers, either regulated or competitive, who are responsible for billing and account management.

    Direct Energy is the regulated natural gas and electricity provider in the Grande Prairie area. The competitive retailers for natural gas are Alberta Energy Savings L.P.,  Direct Energy Essential Services and ENMAX. The competitive retailers for electricity are Direct Energy Essential Services and ENMAX.

    To find out more valuable information about regulated and competitive energy provider options within the Grande Prairie Region visit www.customerchoice.gov.ab.ca.

    Contact Info

    Electrical Power

    ATCO Electric
    9717 - 97 Avenue
    Grande Prairie, Alberta
    Tel: 780-538-7000
    Tel: 1-800-668-2248

    Natural Gas

    ATCO Gas
    8801 - 112 Street
    Grande Prairie, Alberta
    T8V 6A4

    Gas Customer Assistance Centre
    Tel: 310-5678 (toll free) or
    48 hours notice is required for service


    Grande Prairie, Alberta
    Tel: 780-532-9115
    General Customer Service Tel: 1-888-811-2323
    Business Customers Tel: 1-888-811-2828

    Internet Services

    The number of companies providing high speed internet service is constantly growing. To view a complete list of service providers in our region and across the province visit www.canadianisp.com




    Municipal Tax Structure

    Municipal tax rates in the Grande Prairie Region are highly competitive with other regions of Alberta and the U.S. making the area a desirable place for young families and commercial businesses to relocate.

    2008 Municipal Taxation Rates  Source: County of Grande Prairie No.1  


    2011 Mill Rates - County of Grande Prairie No. 1





    M & E (Non-

    Linear (Non-










    Alberta School






    Foundation - Public

    Roman Catholic

    Separate School


    Grande Spirit






    Senior's Foundation

    TOTAL 2011 Mill Rates






    (Public/ Separate

    School Supporter)








    Provincial - Corporate and Personal Taxes


    Alberta ranks very low in Corporate Income Tax rates against other provinces in Canada and the United States. Alberta’s provincial personal tax rates are among the lowest in Canada. A two income family of four, earning $60,000 (Cdn$) per year, pays approximately $600 less in total provincial taxes (including health care premiums, salary taxes and other excise taxes) in Alberta than in Ontario and about $2,300 less than in Quebec.


    The average household income in the County of Grande Prairie is $84,802 (Statistics Canada, 2006 Census). The household income national average for the past four years has been $54,000. Clearly the average County of Grande Prairie household income is substantially higher than the national average making the region attractive to families looking to relocate.



    The Grande Prairie Region is well connected to the rest of Alberta, Canada and the U.S. by road, air, rail and cable. It has been distinguished as the service centre for the north because it provides economical services, communication and transportation to over 250,000 people within a 200 km radius.

    The County of Grande Prairie is part of the North-South Trade Corridor (NSTC), a 1,175 kilometre network of multi-lane highways providing fast, safe and efficient transportation of goods from the British Columbia border near Grande Prairie, through Edmonton and Calgary to the CANAMEX Trade Corridor at Coutts on the Montana border. The CANAMEX Corridor connects local businesses to suppliers and markets in the U.S. and Mexico.


    North-South and CANAMEX Trade Corridor Map















    Regional Highway System

    There is a strategic network of both primary and secondary highways within the County of Grande Prairie, including approximately 3,300 miles of well maintained service roads connecting to the major paved arteries.

    The County of Grande Prairie is easily accessible to and from the North Peace Region, Northern B.C. and Edmonton.

    Highway #43 connects Grande Prairie via Valleyview from Edmonton. It connects Grande Prairie to Dawson Creek, B.C. and the Alaska Highway; to the John Hart Highway 93 going south to Prince George, and to the ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver.

    Highway #40 connects Grande Prairie with Grande Cache, Hinton and the Yellowhead Highway leading to Jasper to the west.

    Highway #2 connects the City of Grande Prairie with points north such as Clairmont, Fairview, Grimshaw and Mile 0 of the Mackenzie Highway #35.

    Highway #59 connects Highway #43 northwest of Hythe to Highway #2 north of Sexsmith. Secondary highways within the County of Grande Prairie include #667, #668, #670, #671, #672, #674, #720, #721, #722, #723, #724 and #733. The major bus line which provides regular scheduled service to and from Grande Prairie is Greyhound Canada. The region is well serviced by a number of major trucking and courier companies.

    To view a pdf version of the County Map Click Here

    Connecting by Air

    The Grande Prairie Regional Airport, located 6.5 kilometres west of the city centre, provides scheduled passenger service, cargo and charter flights throughout western Canada. Just a 50 minute flight to the Edmonton International or Municipal Airports, or a 90 minute flight to the Calgary International Airport, the region is well connected to areas beyond our doorstep. The major airlines servicing the Grande Prairie Regional Airport include Air Canada and West Jet.

    Connecting by Rail

    The railway links Grande Prairie to the ports of Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Churchill, Thunder Bay, and Hay River in the Northwest Territories. The rail network, operated by CN Rail, connects with the Swan Landing (near Hinton, Alberta) in the south, and stretches to Hythe, Alberta in the northwest branch (near Dawson Creek, British Columbia) and Wanham, Alberta in the northeast branch.

    Railway links from Grande Prairie

    High Speed Internet and Network Communications

    There are a number of providers that Caounty of Grande Prairie residents can contact, which offer high speed internet, cellular phone access, and cable internet.  For a list of providers, visit our web page www.countygp.ab.ca.  The County estimates that high speed internet access is available to 80% of the County.  Approximately 300 local towers were sponsored by the County of Grande Prairie to help residents unable to access high speed internet service through an existing provider.

    Regional Internet Service Providers
    To access the most complete and up to date listing visit Canadian Internet Service Providers website at (www.canadianisp.com)

    The Alberta SuperNet now connects over 402 smaller rural communities and all libraries, schools, hospitals and provincial government offices across the province with affordable, high-speed broadband connectivity. Approximately 4,200 facilities in 429 communities are linked through the SuperNet.


    Community Lifestyle

    It doesn’t take long to realize that the explorers and early settlers to the County of Grande Prairie Region had discovered something very special. From breathtaking scenery and varied landscapes to pristine lakes and exceedingly rich soils and agricultural lands, the Grande Prairie Region offers an enticing place to live, visit and do business. Residents appreciate the benefits of a quiet rural lifestyle and small town living with convenient access to big city amenities. Community spirit and connectedness contribute to a welcoming and nurturing community lifestyle. Come and visit and see what we mean.

    Leisure and Recreation

    Leisure and recreation opportunities abound for the entire family in the County of Grande Prairie. Whether you are looking to spend some memorable time camping, fishing, golfing, sightseeing, taking in a cultural or sporting event or just relaxing, the County of Grande Prairie guarantees that it has something you will enjoy! You have access to:

    • 14 exciting golf courses to challenge you.
    • Eight scenic County parks for personal or family adventure including both day and overnight camping, and educational and recreational activities.
    • Close to 30 municipal (County managed), provincial and independent campgrounds offering unserviced to fully serviced facilities to meet your special needs.
    • Diverse opportunities for fishing and hunting with family and friends.
    • Archaeological and historic museums, art galleries, tropical greenhouses, tea houses, restaurants and gift shops to satisfy your mind, spirit and appetite.
    • Seven provincial-level heritage sites that preserve the history of the Peace Country: Forbes Homestead in Grande Prairie, Grande Prairie High School, Monkman Homestead at Cutbank Lake, McNaught Homestead in Beaverlodge, Ronning Homestead and Melsness Mercantile Store in Valhalla Centre, Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop. 
    • Several rich paleontological sites of international interest with plans to construct a Discovery Centre to exhibit these discoveries to the public.
    • Year-round cultural and community events including the Telus Country Fever Festival, Swan Festival, Rio Grande Rodeo, Teepee Creek Stampede, Kleskun Hill Days, Grande Prairie Stompede, Country Gospel Jamboree, Grande Prairie River Rats River Boat Race, Farmer’s Market Harvest Fest, Terry Fox Run and Horse Racing, just to name a few!

    For more information on leisure and recreation opportunities and to obtain copies of regional parks brochures and visitor guides visit the County website at www.countygp.ab.ca or the Grande Prairie Regional Tourism website at www.northernvisitor.com

    Landscape Diversity and Wildlife

    The County features broad, gently rolling plains, deeply incised, steep sided river valleys, native grasslands and mixed wood boreal forests. Located approximately 160 km east of the Rocky Mountains, County residents can enjoy the scenic view of the mountains from almost all parts of the County. The Grande Prairie Region is identified by a number of unique features and important wildlife habitats that are well worth visiting including:

    • Saskatoon Mountain, located west of Grande Prairie, rises to 945 metres or 3,100 feet offering a spectacular view of the County.
    • The lakes of the Grande Prairie Region are part of a globally significant Important Bird Area because they support significant numbers of breeding and staging Trumpeter Swans as well as very large numbers of staging ducks and geese.
    • Over one percent of the estimated global population of Trumpeter Swans and approximately 10 percent of the Rocky Mountain population nest and stage in the Grande Prairie area. Several lakes have also recorded over 20,000 staging ducks during fall migration.
    • An annual Swan Festival is held at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park where over 500 nature, wildlife enthusiasts and community members gather to celebrate and appreciate these beautiful birds. We encourage you to take part in the festivities!
    • Kleskun Hill Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to view the most northerly deposit of badland topography in Alberta. It protects some of the last remaining grasslands and over 160 species of flowering plants, including cactus. The park offers many opportunities to learn about fossilized marine life, unique vegetation and the area’s settlement history through a native burial ground and museum.
    • The County offers some of the finest bird and wildlife viewing opportunities in the province. Opportunities abound to see everything from Bald and Golden Eagles, Pine and Evening Grosbeaks, swans and other waterfowl species to Moose, Deer, Elk, Coyote, Wolf and more. Clearly the opportunities for outdoor exploration, peace, tranquility and quality of life are abundant in the region.  
    County Parks 

    The County of Grande Prairie owns and operates 8 parks and campground facilities within its boundaries, seven of which offer overnight camping, while one offers day use facilities only. The campgrounds offering overnight camping include Pipestone Creek, Hommy, Kleskun, Demmitt, Bear Lake, Redwillow Park and Valhalla. Saskatoon Mountain Park is open for day use activities only.

    To find more information on the County's parks and view maps of the County Parks and Golf Courses visit www.countygp.ab.ca/parks/info. 

    Golf Courses
    There are 8 challenging golf courses located within the County of Grande Prairie:
    • Bear Creek Golf Club - 538-3393
    • Dunes Golf & Winter Club - 538-4333
    • Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club - 532-0340
    • Morningview Golf & Country Club - 568-4357
    • Pipestone Putters Golf Club - 766-2720
    • Riverbend Golf & Country Club - 354-2538
    • Spruce Meadows Golf & Country Club - 568-4653

    To view a map showing the locations of these courses click here www.countygp.ab.ca/admin/golf courses.

    Cultural and Recreational Facilities

    The County and surrounding region has an abundance of facilities, programs and services to meet the recreational, spiritual, cultural and artistic needs of our communities. These include numerous arenas, baseball diamonds, ski hills/trails, farmer's markets, churches, parks and campgrounds, rodeo grounds, curling rinks, historical sites, lakes and rivers, community halls and gymnasiums. The strength of our communities is reflected in the numerous art societies, dance clubs, service organizations, community associations, culture clubs, agriculture societies and hospital auxiliaries that are active in the County.

    Featured Sites

    Evergreen Park - Grande Prairie Regional Agricultural and Exhibition Society, hosts major regional trade-shows and events serving northern Alberta and B.C.

    Nitehawk Ski Area - Regional year round facility offering downhill skiing and snowboarding, including a triple chair lift and platter lift, year round facility rental and new Swan City Rotary Wilderness RV Park.

    South Peace Centennial Museum - located near Beaverlodge, is one of the greatest displays of how life used to be, where actual working machinery, equipment and tools are on display. The popular Pioneer Days attracts thousands annually.

    Wapiti Nordic Ski Centre - constructed for the 1995 Canada Winter Games. This is a world-class facility offering over 35 kms of classic and skate skiing trails. This facility offers opportunities for a variety of recreational outings during the off season along its multi-use trails including walking, hiking, mountain biking and nature viewing.



    Primary and Secondary Education

    The Peace Wapiti School Board, Grande Prairie and District Catholic School Board, Grande Prairie Public School District and Northwest Francophone Education Region No.1 serve to provide an educational environment for the Grande Prairie Region that enables all students to achieve their potential to become productive members of a changing society.

    Families relocating to the Grande Prairie Region have many exceptional options to choose from when selecting an elementary, junior high or high school for their children. 

    The following is a brief list of the schools located within the County of Grande Prairie:

    Beaverlodge Elementary School, Grades K-6, 348 students, Phone: (780) 354-2446
    Beaverlodge Regional High School, Grades 10-12, 471 students, Phone: (780) 354-2189
    St. Mary’s Catholic School, Grades K-9, 131 students, Phone: (780) 354-2944

    Bezanson School, Grades K-9, 130 students, Phone: (780) 532-6490

    Clairmont Community School, Grades K-8, 350 students, Phone: (780) 567-4698

    Elmworth School, Grades K-9, 68 students, Phone: (780) 354-8375

    Hythe Elementary, Grades K-6, 201 students, Phone: (780) 356-3934
    Hythe Regional Junior High School, Grades 7-9, 225 students, Phone: (780) 356-3935

    Grande Prairie 
    Harry Balfour School, Grades K-8, 614 students, Phone: (780) 532-9276
    Peace Wapiti Academy, Grades 9-12, 562 students, Phone: (780) 513-9504

    LaGlace School, Grades K-9, 141 students, Phone: (780) 568-2430

    Robert W. Zarhara Public School, Grades K-6, 349 students, Phone: (780) 568-3823
    Sexsmith Secondary School, Grades 7-12, 454 students, Phone: (780) 568-3642
    St. Mary’s Catholic School, Grades K-10, 219 students, Phone: (780) 568-3631

    Teepee Creek
    Teepee Creek School, Grades K-8, 80 students, Phone: (780) 568-2265

    Valhalla Centre
    Valhalla Community School (charter), Grades K-9, 115 students, Phone: (780) 356-2370

    Helen E. Taylor School, Grades 5-9, 140 students, Phone: (780) 766-9103 
    Wembley Elementary School, Grades K-4, 164 students, Phone: (780) 766-2294

    In addition to the schools mentioned above, there are fourteen Public and seven Catholic schools available within the City of Grande Prairie with a variety of programs including French Emersion, Enrichment and Special Needs. École St. Gerard is a Catholic school which offers the only single track French emersion program for kindergarten to Grade 9 in Grande Prairie.

    École Nouvelle Frontiere is the only Francophone school located within the Grande Prairie region. It is administered by the Northwest Francophone Education Region No.1 (Conseil Scolaire Du Nord-Quest No.1) and offers francophone classes for children in K-12 with 173 students enrolled; Phone: (780) 814-7945. 

    Contact information for all four school boards is available below:

    Peace Wapiti School Division - www.pwsd76.ab.ca
    Phone: (780) 532-8133

    Grande Prairie Public School District - www.gppsd.ab.ca
    Phone: (780) 532-4491

    Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools - www.gpcsd.ca
    Phone: (780) 532-3013

    Northwest Francophone Education Region No.1 (Conseil Scolaire Du Nord-Quest No.1) - www.csno.ab.ca
    Phone: (780) 624-8855


    Post Secondary

    Grande Prairie Regional College

    The Grande Prairie Region is fortunate to have access to high-quality career programs and instruction through the Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC). The college, which serves more than 10,000 students annually, is located in the City of Grande Prairie.

    Effective July 1, 2009, the GPRC assumes stewardship of the Northern Alberta Instistute of Techology (NAIT) campus in Fairview, located 124 km north of the City of Grande Prairie. All programming currently offered by NAIT in Fairview and Grande Prairie will be under the auspices of GPRC after that date. The combined strengths of the two institutions, and their strong resources of programming and highly qaulified faculty, ensure expanded opportunities for the learners of our region, now and for the future.

    • Offers a wide variety of programs including university studies, options for degree completion, an applied degree in Natural Resoure Management andacademic upgrading, as a program or as part of a blended program.
    • Instruction is based in the main campus in the City of Grande Prairie and through off-campus facilities in Grande Cache, Hinton, Slave Lake and several Peace Region communities.
    • Campus attracts students from a wide geographic area due to its qaulity education, low tuition, small classes, personal contact and extensive awards program.

    Fairview Campus

    The GPRC offers a wide selection of pre-employment and technical program options at their beautiful Fairview Campus. Some of the more recognized programs include the Harley-Davidson Technician Program, Commercial beekeeping and pre-employment millwright machinist and welder. The campus includes a state-of-the-art fitness facility, indoor aquatics centre, theatre, 3-hole golf course and pond stocked with trout. It is a must see in the summer months and offers regional residents another quality option for post-secondary education.

    For more information about the trades and agriculture programs offered at both the Grande Prairie and Fairview Campus, visit the college's website at http://www.gprc.ab.ca/.



    Health and Emergency Response Services in the Peace Country are of high quality. Alberta Health Services-Peace Country Health administers health services to a population of 130,000 people in 16 communities, covering an area of over 150,000 square kilometres. County residents are served by two hospitals: the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital located within the City of Grande Prairie and the Beaverlodge Municipal Hospital located within the Town of Beaverlodge. Doctors are also based in the communities of Hythe, Beaverlodge and Sexsmith. 

    Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

    The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital is a fully accredited modern-day hospital committed to providing exceptional patient care.

    • Provides 160 acute care beds with more than 20 specialist physicians on staff.
    • Offers a wide range of services from specialized surgery to coronary care, respiratory therapy, pediatric care, obstetrics, and rehabilitations.
    • Service is supplemented by visiting consultants from Edmonton who provide out-patient services in specialty areas such an ENT, dermatology, rheumatology, pediatric cardiology, endocrinology, and gerontology.
    • Employs over 1,000 people who, collectively, care for more than 10,000 inpatients and more than 100,000 outpatients annually.

    Grande Prairie Associate Cancer Centre

    The Grande Prairie Associate Cancer Centre is staffed by specially trained registered nurses and local physicians. The program allows patients from the Peace Country to access the cancer treatment they need close to home.

    Beaverlodge Municipal Hospital

    The Beaverlodge Municipal Hospital offers the best in health service with 24 hour emergency care and 18 acute care beds. The hospital offers a wide range of services including medical laboratory, obstetrics, outpatients, pediatrics, palliative care, physiotherapy, and radiolology.

    Alberta Health Services-Peace Country Health EMS

    Alberta Health Services-Peace Country Health EMS provides a high standard of advanced life support ground and air ambulance service for the Peace Country. It is committed to saving lives and reducing life-long impairment due to injury and illness through timely, professional and compassionate Emergency Medical Response in partnership with protective health and community services throughout the region and beyond. It offers a variety of services to both residents and businesses including industrial ambulance and pre-hospital education programs.

    Western Air Rescue

    Western Air Rescue Ltd is a fixed wind air ambulance medical service provider for the residents of the Grande Prairie Region.  They have provided 24/7 critical care with rapid air transport of patients in need of an advanced level of car, throughout Alberta since 2003.

    STARS in Grande Prairie

    Alberta Shock Trauma Rescue Society currently operates three bases - Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie - and a fleet of five helicopters.  STARS provide the region with a rapid air evacuation service, complete with highly qualified and trained staff.


    Emergency Services


    Policing in the County of Grande Prairie is the responsibility of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who are the provincial police service for the Province of Alberta. In 2008, the RCMP detachments of Grande Prairie and Beaverlodge integrated to form a single detachment. The detachment works closely with volunteers to offer residents a number of community based programs including Auxiliary Constables, Block Parents, and Crime Stoppers. 

    Contact Info:    Emergency: 911

                           Non-Emergency Complain Line: (780) 830-5700

                           General Inquiries: (780) 830-5701

    Click on this link to be directed to the RCMP Grande Prairie-Beaverlodge Detachment. 

    Community Services Division  

    Located within the Municipal Servies building, the County of Grande Prairie is proud to have one of the most comprehensive Community Services Divisons in the Province.  The county has proven itself to be aleader in the delivery of policing programs, fire protection and emergency management, which serves as a testament to attaining their goal of providing a safe and secure environment for residents andbusinessess.

    The community Services Division, under the direction of the Director of Community Services, consists of the following departments:  Regional Enforcement Services; Agricultural Services; Parks and Recreation; and FCSS.  Emergency Management responsibility also falls under Community Services.

    Regional Enforcement Services

    Supplemental to the RCMP, the Regional Enforcement Services Department consists of a Patrol Unit, Bylaw Unit, Animal Control Unit, and Enhanced Policing Unit.  In a unique service, the county offers all the current levels of the Alberta Policing continuum under one roof in a onestop shopping format.

    In addition to the County of Grande Prairie, the department currently contracts its services to the Towns of Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, and Wembley; the Village of Hythe; the MD of Greenview; and Saddle Hills County.

    The County of Grande Prairie is the only municipality in the province to have RCMP members working with them, under one roof, and integrated into their service delivery model.  The County is also an authorized employer of Peace Officers under the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security Peace Officer program.  The County employs both Level 1 and Level 2 Community Peace Officers.

    Patrol Unit
    The Peace Officers of the Patrol Unit enforce provincial statutes related to traffic safety and are tied to the commitment and values of the Road Safety Strategy 2015, which has the objective of reducing the number of deaths and injuries on Alberta's highways.

    Bylaw Unit
    The Bylaw Unit primarily deals with parking, abandoned vehicles, unsightly premises and regulatory municpal bylaws.

    Animal Control Unit
    The Animal Control Unit primarily deals with dogs and dog related complaints.

    Regional Animal Pound
    Owned jointlyby the City and County of Grande Prairie, the Regional Pound is ran and administered under contract by the Grande Prairie and District SPCA.

    RCMP Enhanced Police

     The County employs 3 Enhanced RCMP police members that work out of the Municpal Services Building.  In addition to supplimenting the RCMP ruraldetachment as required, the Enhanced Police also carry out anumber of community and crime prevention based programs such as DARE, Rural Crime Watch, Report a Drug House, PARTY, and Citizen on Patrol.  The enhanced plice work very closely both with the rural RCMP, but also the different levels of policing continuum employed by the County in the Regional Enforcement Services Department.

    Emergency Management

    Community Services works closely with Petroleum and other Industry, Alberta Emergency Management Agency, the Alberta Fire Commissioner Office,EMS, County and local Fire Services, FCSS, Enforcement and Police to deliver up to date, quality services and training.  The County is also amember and founding partner of GPREP, which is the Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership consisting of 5 municipalities and the Grande Prairie Regional College.  An Emergency Operation Center with state of the art communications equipment capable of handling both wide-scale or local state of emergency disasters is located in the County of Grande Prairie municipal Services Building.

     Fire Protection

    The County of Grande Prairie provides Regional Fire, Investigation, Inspection and Medicalservies from two full time, three Paid on Call and four Contract departments.  Stations are located in Beaverlodge, Bezanson, Clairmont,Bunes, Hythe, LaGlace, Sexsmith, Teepee Creek and Wembley.

    The County has ongoing Mutual Aid agreements with both internal and external fire departments, such as the MD of Greenview and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, for fire suppression, equipment and resources.

    The County Fire Service endeavors to exceed the Alberta code of Practice for Firefighters (2008) ensuring that all Firefighters train to the NFPA 1001 Level II Professional Firefighter standard.  Once complete all County of Grande Prairie Fire Service firefighters will perform annual competency skill checks demonstrating retention of knowledge and ability.


    Community Services


    The County of Grande Prairie believes that its most valuable resource is its people.

    Through a partnership with the Province of Alberta the County of Grande Prairie is pleased to offer programs and services that allow its residents to develop their potential and contribute to the well being of their families and communities. The following programs are offered through FCSS:

    Community School Liaison Program - This program provides information and support to families and students who are experiencing difficulty at home or at school.  Staff responds to requests from parents, schools (within the County boundaries), students and agencies.  Staff then meets with students and families to assist them with learning new skills to cope with their situations.  Workers can be contacted through your school or by calling 780-532-9727.

    Home Support Program - The Home Support Program provides practical in-home care to families and individuals experiencing disruptions of normal family routine.  Home support workers are caring, responsible persons that can help in situations such as pre or post natal home help, supplemental care for seniors, pre or post hospitalization, home management assistance, and emotional stress.

    Home support workers will perform basic housekeeping, provide meal preparation, drive clients to appointments and provide respite for caregivers.  the fee for service is based on a sliding scale determined by income.  Call 780-532-9727 to arrange a home assessment visit.

    Playschool Program - The playschool program provides a safe and nurturing learning environment to four year olds throughtout the County.  the program is available in Elmworth, Clairmont,Valhalla Centre, LaGlace, Teepee Creek and Bezanson.


    Partnerships - The County of Grande Prairie FCSS Department works very closely with other FCSS offices across and adjacent to the County including: City of Grande Prairie, Towns of Sexsmith and Beaverlodge, village of Hythe and the MD of Greenview.  Funding is also provided to other community Groups such as, but not limited to, the following:

    §   Grande Prairie and District Grief Support Association

    §   John Howard Society - Eureka Program and Grande Prairie Youth Emergency Shelter

    §   Grande Prairie and Area Council on Aging - Seniors Outreach

    §   Odyssey House Project Awareness and Volunteer Programs

    §   PACE – Public Education Program

    §   RCMP Victims Assistance Programs – Grande Prairie and Beaverlodge

    §   Suicide Prevention Resource Network

    §    Community Village

    §   Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program

    §   Seniors Outreach in Beaverlodge, LaGlace and Valhalla Centre 


    If you are seeking assistance or support but are unsure as to which program will most benefit you, our FCSS department would be more thatn happy to assist you.  You can reach them at 780-532-9722 or via email at fcss@countygp.ab.ca.



    Weather Statistics
    Current weather information for the County of Grande Prairie No.1 and surrounding area can be found at Environment Canada or at the Weather Network

    Average Temperatures for the Month of January

    • Maximum temperature: -9.5°C or +14.9°F
    • Minimum temperature: -20.5°C or -4.9°F
    • Daily Average Temperature: -15°C or +5.0°F

    Average Temperatures for the Month of July

    • Maximum temperature: +22.1°C or +71.8°F
    • Minimum temperature: +9.6°C or +49.3°F
    • Daily Average Temperature: +15.9°C or +60.6°F
    • Number of Days Per Year Above 15°C: 124 
    • Total precipitation per year: 446.6 mm or 17.6 inches  
    • Measurable bright sunshine: 313.9 days per year
    • Total hours of bright sunshine: 2,203.1 hours per year
    • Average wind speed: 12.1 kilometers per hour, from the Southwest
    • Total snowfall per year: 158.6 cm or 62.4 in (Snowfall accounts for 36% of the annual precipitation).
    • Days with measurable snowfall: 57.3 days










    Key Contacts

    Need More Information?

    If you require any additional information regarding development opportunities in our exciting region or have questions about the information presented here please contact:

    Municipal Contacts

    County of Grande Prairie office at:
    10001 - 84 Avenue Clairmont, AB T0H 0W0
    Tel: (780) 532-9722
    Fax: (780) 539-9880
    E-mail: countygp@countygp.ab.ca

    Leanne Beaupre, Reeve
    RR#3, Site 4, Box 13 
    Grande Prairie, AB T8V 5N3
    Hm: (780) 538-3809
    Cell: (780) 8143121
    E-mail: lbeaupre@countygp.ab.ca

    W.A. (Bill) Rogan, County Administrator
    Tel: (780) 532-9722
    Fax: (780) 539-9880
    E-mail: brogan1@countygp.ab.ca

    Chris King, Economic Development Officer
    Tel: (780) 513-3956
    Cell: (780) 814-2014                                                                                                                                 E-mail: cking@countygp.ab.ca

    Provincial Contacts

    Alberta Economic Development:
    Main reception: (780) 538-5230 3501
    Provincial Building
    10320 - 99 Street
    Grande Prairie, AB, Canada T8V 6J4
    Website: www.alberta-canada.com/aed/index.cfm

    Director, Regional Economic Development
    Tel: (780) 538-5636
    Fax: (780) 538-5332

    Nicole McMullan, Regional Development Project Officer
    E-mail: nicole.mcmullan@gov.ab.ca

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    Legislative Assembly of Alberta

    Everett McDonald, Member of Legislative Assembly [MLA]
    Grande Prairie - Smoky Constituency

    308 Legislature Annex                                                                                                                            9718 107 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5K 1E4
    Tel: (780) 415-9977
    Fax: (780) 643-9141

    Unit #102, 9201 Lakeland Drive                                                                                                         Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0K8
    Phone: (780) 513-1233
    Fax: (780) 513-1247
    E-mail: grandeprairie.smoky@assembly.ab.ca

    Wayne Drysdale, Member of the Legislative Assembly [MLA]
    Grande Prairie - Wapiti Constituency

    #127 Legislature Building
    10800 97 Avenue
    Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6
    Phone: (780) 415-0109
    Fax: (780) 427-5441

    101, Junction Point Village
    9814-97 Street
    Grande Prairie, AB
    Canada T8V 8H5
    Phone: (780) 538-1800
    Fax: (780) 538-1802
    E-mail: grandeprairie.wapiti@assembly.ab.ca

    Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament [MP]
    Peace River Constituency

    Parliamentary Address:
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6

    Constituency Office:
    #207, 10605 West Side Drive
    Grande Prairie, Alberta  T8V 8E6

    E-mail: warkentin.c@parl.gc.ca
    Website: www.chriswarkentin.ca

    Toll Free: 1-800-667-0456
    Phone: (780) 538-1677
    Fax: (780) 538-9257

    Local Chambers and Business Associations

    Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce
    Dan Pearcy, CEO
    217-11330-106 Street
    Grande Prairie Alberta
    Canada T8V 7X9
    Phone: (780) 532-5340 

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