Aquatera is a regional utility corporation formed by the County of Grande Prairie, City of Grande Prairie, and Town of Sexsmith. Aquatera owns and operates the wastewater treatment system, water distribution, water collection mains and structures, and sanitary sewer services for the City of Grande Prairie, Town of Sexsmith and a portion of the County. Aquatera also provides landfill service to the City of Grande Prairie and recycling programs through their Eco Centre including educational programs and information on recycling and composting, school tours and classroom visits.

Regional Water Line The County of Grande Prairie entered into partnership with the City of Grande Prairie and the Town of Sexsmith in 2006 to build a Regional Water Line carries treated water to residents in the County. The source of the water is the Wapiti River, which is then treated at the Aquatera Water Treatment Facility and distributed to the Hamlet of Clairmont, Town of Sexsmith and service development adjacent to the highway right-of-way. The water line provides a safe, secure water source for the growing needs of residential and industrial areas of the County.


The County of Grande Prairie provides high quality utility services to the following communities:  

  • Water and sewer service to the Hamlets of Bezanson, Teepee Creek and LaGlace.
  • Sewer service to the Hamlet of Valhalla.
  • Westlake Village, Carriage Lane and Wedgewood subdivisions, the Hamlet of Clairmont and the industrial development north of the City of Grande Prairie are provided with water and sewer service from Aquatera.
  • The municipality is developing a rural utility service for the rural area west of the City of Grande Prairie. 

     Regional Landfills and Recycling

    The County of Grande Prairie No.1 prides itself as a “green” County and encourages everyone to be respectful of our environment and mindful of our management of waste and consumer products.

    The West Grande Prairie County Regional Landfill was created by the Regional Waste Authority through an original partnership between the County of Grande Prairie and the Towns of Beaverlodge, Wembley, Hythe and Sexsmith. The Regional Landfill, which is located nine miles north and three miles east of Beaverlodge, serves the partnering municipalities.

    The County operates two landfill sites, three transfer stations and offers ten recycling depots across the County. For more information about the recycling programs in the county and what is accepted at each location visit the County website at www.countygp.ab.ca.


    Natural Gas and Electricity

    ATCO Gas distributes natural gas while  ATCO Electric distributes electricity for the County of Grande Prairie. This means that they are responsible for distributing connecting and maintaining gas and electrical lines, respectively, for businesses and residences. Once a service is established, residents and businesses must choose between a number of gas and electricity providers, either regulated or competitive, who are responsible for billing and account management.

    Direct Energy is the regulated natural gas and electricity provider in the Grande Prairie area. The competitive retailers for natural gas are Alberta Energy Savings L.P.,  Direct Energy Essential Services and ENMAX. The competitive retailers for electricity are Direct Energy Essential Services and ENMAX.

    To find out more valuable information about regulated and competitive energy provider options within the Grande Prairie Region visit www.customerchoice.gov.ab.ca.

    Contact Info

    Electrical Power

    ATCO Electric
    9717 - 97 Avenue
    Grande Prairie, Alberta
    Tel: 780-538-7000
    Tel: 1-800-668-2248

    Natural Gas

    ATCO Gas
    8801 - 112 Street
    Grande Prairie, Alberta
    T8V 6A4

    Gas Customer Assistance Centre
    Tel: 310-5678 (toll free) or
    48 hours notice is required for service


    Grande Prairie, Alberta
    Tel: 780-532-9115
    General Customer Service Tel: 1-888-811-2323
    Business Customers Tel: 1-888-811-2828

    Internet Services

    The number of companies providing high speed internet service is constantly growing. To view a complete list of service providers in our region and across the province visit www.canadianisp.com


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