Area Overview

  Hanna is located in East-Central Alberta approximately 2 hours north-east of Calgary. A community of almost 3,000, Hanna offers the amenities of an urban centre and the comfortable lifestyle of a rural town.

Hanna is known as the main market, educational, medical and administrative centre of a large trading area known as the "short grass country". The Town is comprised of a blend of over 250 industrial, retail, hospitality and service businesses. Known primarily as an agricultural service centre in the past, oil & gas activity and the construction of a coal-powered electricity generating station in the area have had a huge beneficial impact on the community.

Strategically located at the junction of two major highways, Hanna features rail access and an airport with a 3,500 foot runway. The town also offers numerous recreational opportunities to suit any taste including an 18-hole golf course and water sports on nearby lakes. For years, Hanna has been known as the Home of the Canada Goose, and it is still a favorite spot for hunters from all over North America.

Some key advantages of living and/or doing business in Hanna include:

  • quality of life -urban amenities with a country flair
  • safe with little or no crime - friendly people
  • personalized health care
  • location - junction of Highway 9 and Veteran's Memorial Highway (#36)
  • fiscal management - local municipal mill rate remains stable with very little increase. Hanna is one of a few communities with a surplus resulting in long-term stability.


Hanna is Home of the Canada Grey


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