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St. Albert has been called "Alberta's Finest City", and for good reason. Our quality of life - the parks, trails, streetscape, waterways, landscaping, pride of ownership and our rich culture and history all contribute to making St. Albert a great place to live, work and play.  

St. Albert is a great place to do business and your commitment to beginning your business in St. Albert shows your confidence in our city and the local economy. St. Albert’s business sector has been experiencing significant growth in recent years and as such I am optimistic that you will be successful in your business endeavors. This upward trend in the rate of business growth is reflective of the strong provincial economy and a desire by City Council to welcome and encourage business enterprises within our community.

We believe that “Business is RIGHT in St. Albert” and we welcome your contribution to our business community and value your presence in St. Albert. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the appropriate civic department or any member of City Council. On behalf of all members of City Council and our city administration, welcome to St. Albert. May your business enjoy tremendous success and prosperity as you grow along with our community.

Sincerely yours,

Nolan Crouse Mayor


Area Overview

The City of St. Albert, with a population of approximately 60,138 people, is Alberta's 6th largest city.

The Sturgeon River Valley shapes the urban landscape of St. Albert. This slow-moving and shallow river has, over time, created a gentle rolling topography which provides scenic views and a natural diversity, in contrast to a flat prairie setting. The river lot system, styled after rural Quebec townships, defines the majority of parcel sizes and shapes along both sides of the Sturgeon River. Streams, ravines and drainage channels leading to the river continue to be preserved, as much as possible, in their natural state.

St. Albert is well known for its quality of life. Attractive and well-maintained residential neighbourhoods are among the best that the Greater Edmonton Region has to offer. St. Albert's engineering and landscaping standards are among the highest of any community in the region, resulting in well-treed and maintained residential streets, grassed boulevards and attractive perimeter fencing. The availability of quality recreational and cultural opportunities enrich this secure family-oriented community.



St. Albert is located adjacent to north Edmonton. With 156th, 170th and 184th Streets, St. Albert is just a ten-minute drive to west Edmonton. Edmonton's downtown core is 20 minutes from St. Albert via the St. Albert Trail and Yellowhead Highway. Access to NAIT and the University of Alberta is also convenient from the Yellowhead Highway and Groat Road.


Economic Base

 St. Albert in recent years has developed a very diversified economic base. Besides serving as a service centre to residents of St. Albert and the surrounding area, it has developed a strong light industrial and warehousing base with an expanded focus on technology firms. Some of the other major areas of economic activity include construction and plastics.

Business directory for St. Albert 


Economic Facts

Major Businesses/Products/Services:

  • Standard General Construction - Construction
  • Gazette Press Ltd. - Publishing
  • Fortis Utilities Corporation - Utilities
  • Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. - Plastics
  • Alberco Construction Ltd. - Construction
  • Jenson & Sons Roofing Ltd. - Construction
  • TNT Logistics - Warehouse and Distribution
  • Goodyear Canada - Warehouse and Distribution
  • Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Financial Institutions:
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
  • Canadian Western Bank
  • Servus Credit Union
  • Alberta Treasury Branch
  • Royal Bank Financial Group
  • TD Canada Trust



Utility Contacts

EPCOR (Power & Water) 

DIRECT ENERGY (Gas / Power) 

ENMAX (Gas / Power)

Phone / Internet / TV:



Water Supply:

Water is supplied to St. Albert by the City of Edmonton. Water pressure varies a little from area to area with average pressure being 55 pounds per square inch. The storage capacity is 31.8 million litres with average daily consumption of 12.9 million litres.

For further information on water service contact the City of St. Albert Utilities - (780) 459-1520.

Waste Management:

St. Albert's sewage treatment is handled by the Capital Region Sewage Commission in a highly automated, computerized treatment facility. The capacity is 180 million litres per day.

The City of St. Albert provides residents with an innovative and green approach to waste management. Residents are able to recycle, compost and dispose of their waste using curbside sorted collection bins. This automated collection system is working towards reducing average household waste by 50% by the target year of 2020.

For further information on sewer or utility service contact the City of St. Albert Utilities at 780-459-1520.



Mill Rates [2004]:

  • Residential - 9.354
  • Non-Residential - 14.095
Residential/Farmland Non-Residential
Municipal Tax Rate 10.3070 15.0020
Education - Alberta School Foundation Fund Tax Rate 4.2270 6.3380
Education Opted Out Tax Rate 4.2270 6.3380



Air Service:

St. Albert has a local airport located 3 km northwest of the city. The nearest commercial and air freight services are at the Edmonton International Airport, located 50 km south of St. Albert. Edmonton International Airport is served by Air Canada, West Jet and other major airlines. For details check with Edmonton Airports.

Rail Service:

Rail service is provided by the CNR through the Edmonton station. Numerous connections are available via Edmonton, including Wainwright sub [to Saskatoon], Camrose sub [to Calgary], Edson sub [to Prince George and Vancouver], Sangudo sub [to Whitecourt], Westlock sub [to Peace River, High Level and Pine Point], Athabasca sub [to Athabasca], and Vegreville sub [to Winnipeg].


Highway 2, Alberta's north/south route, goes directly through St. Albert to southern and northern points, including Calgary and the United States, Athabasca, Peace River via Highway 44, and High Level and N.W.T. via Highway 44 and Highway 35.

The Yellowhead Highway 16, western Canada's east/west route, is located 5 km south of St. Albert and extends east to Winnipeg and west to Prince Rupert.

Other connecting highways includes Highway 28 leading to Fort McMurray via Highway 63, and Highway 43 leading to Whitecourt and Grande Prairie via Highway 633.

Trucking Firms:

St. Albert is served by more than a dozen local and major regional trucking firms with carrier tariffs usually including St. Albert as a delivery point in the Edmonton area with no additional charges.

Bus Services:

Greyhound Bus Lines travels through St. Albert three times daily to Peace River and Fort McMurray. Passengers can be dropped off in St. Albert when travelling from Peace River and Fort McMurray. All other destinations via Greyhound Bus Lines are available through downtown Edmonton's Greyhound Depot. Greyhound Canada

St. Albert Transit provides regular service within St. Albert as well as into Edmonton. St. Albert Transit provides regular service to Edmonton so that all points within the City of Edmonton can be accessed by transferring to the Edmonton Transit System. There is no extra charge for transferring to the City of Edmonton Transit. St. Albert Transit

Couriers and Taxis:

St. Albert has several local cab companies which provide service to St. Albert residents and customers throughout the metro Edmonton area.  In addition Edmonton-based firms provide service to St. Albert.

A number of metro Edmonton and national courier firms conduct business in St. Albert. In addition, there are numerous St. Albert courier firms providing local service.


Community Lifestyle


St. Albert is known for its attractive and extensive park system. Red Willow Urban Park, which extends along the Sturgeon River corridor, serves as the central focus of St. Albert's parks system with connections available to most neighbourhood parks. To date, over 70 km of trails have been built, linking neighbourhoods to the Sturgeon River parkway.

Both school districts, through a Joint Use Agreement with the City, permit access to their schools for recreational groups' use.

The community has two arenas, providing four ice surfaces. The Akinsdale and Kinex Arenas are open from October to April, while Servus Credit Union Place, St. Albert's Multi Purpose Leisure Centre, is open year round and has 2 rinks, Troy Murray Arena and Mark Messier Arena. For more information on Servus Place please go to servusplace.ca. All arenas accommodate programs offered by minor hockey, adult recreation, figure and power skating clubs, Ringette and Lacrosse Associations.

The City also provides 20 outdoor ice surfaces, over half of them with supervised skating. In addition, there are many soccer and rugby pitches, 60 fields in total, as well as two tournament facilities in Red Willow Park. Ball diamonds are in abundance with two larger facilities, Meadowview Ball Park and Legion Memorial Ball Park, located within Red Willow Park. Another 30 ball diamonds exist throughout the City, usually associated with a school. There are 33 outdoor tennis courts located in 9 sites throughout St. Albert.

The Fountain Park Recreation Centre houses an expanded indoor pool which supports a variety of children's and adult swim programmes. The centre also features racquetball courts. The City also has an outdoor pool, Grosvenor Park Pool, which accommodates an average of 20,000 people during the summer months. In 2007, upgrades to Red Willow Water Spray Park were completed which featured wading pools, change house, and several non-water activities on the banks of the Sturgeon River.

For more information on Recreation Services with the City of St. Albert, visit stalbert.ca.

Community Organizations:

For those who wish to get involved in the community, St. Albert is home to a wide variety of over 70 clubs and organizations, including the Air Cadets, Association for People with Disabilities, Beavers & Cubs, Block Parent Society, Bridge Club, Brownies & Girl Guides, Canadian Progress Club, Catholic Women's' League, Chamber of Commerce, Further Education Council, Kinsmen Club, Lions Club, Newcomers Club, One Parent Family Association, Royal Canadian Legion and the Welcome Wagon.

There are over 40 recreational organizations in St. Albert, a partial list of which includes the B.M.X. Club, Baton Twirlers, Badminton Club, Fencing Club, Figure Skating Club, Flag Football, Gymnastics Club, Karate Club, Minor Baseball Association, Minor Hockey Association, Ringette Association, Soccer Association, Special Olympics, Square Dance Club, Swim Club, and the Tennis Club.

Some cultural organizations operating in St. Albert includes the Community Band, Companion Players, Floral Arts Society, Friends of Children's Theatre, Arts & Heritage Foundation, Painters Guild, Potters Guild, and the Weavers Guild.

Religious Services:

Churches play an important role in the development of St. Albert. There are numerous faiths represented in St. Albert, with 25 congregations meeting throughout the community.

Special Annual Events/Attractions:

The City's cultural facilities are among the finest in Canada for a municipality the size of St. Albert. 

St. Albert Place is situated on the Sturgeon River in the heart of St. Albert. The six elements of St. Albert Place stress its "people place" theme. The building encompasses City Hall with its civic offices and Council Chamber, as well as a library, Arden Theatre, and Musee Heritage Museum. The Arden Theatre is a 530-seat facility for the performing arts, and provides the opportunity for a variety of events and performances. A strong emphasis has been placed on Children's Theatre and a number of the developed programs have received national recognition and praise. The Musee Heritage Museum is a permanent display depicting the history of St. Albert in addition to hosting a series of travelling exhibits. St. Albert Place also houses a visual arts studio for pottery, painting, weaving and multi-crafts, and also includes a beautiful 35,000 sq. ft. library which is heavily utilized by young and old alike.

St. Albert Place is also home to the W.A.R.E.S. Craft Shop.

Arden Theatre
Musee Heritage Museum
St. Albert Public Library
Art Gallery of St. Albert



St. Albert has a wide range of restaurants and dining experiences available to residents and visitors. For more information on dining options in St. Albert, or to download our dining guide please go to visitstalbert.com




St. Albert is part of the Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division #29, headquartered in St. Albert [Tel: (780)459-7711], and the St. Albert Protestant Separate Schools, also headquartered in St. Albert [Tel: (780)460-3712].

Both the Catholic and Protestant School Districts offer French Immersion programs from kindergarten to grade 12.

Both school districts offer a number of innovative programs in response to the diverse educational needs of their students. A variety of special education programs are available, including programs for students needing an extra challenge, programs for students with special needs and programs which prepare students for the world of work, along with a Sports Academy, Cyber School and Storefront School.

The majority of residential development in St. Albert is relatively new. The accompanying school facilities are also new and very well equipped. Bellerose Composite High School is an example of a facility that offers a comprehensive academic program in addition to vocational education and integrated occupational programs.

St. Albert students' academic achievements have consistently remained above provincial averages. Grade 12 provincial diploma exam results, for example, have exceeded provincial averages in English, mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics. Scholarships and achievements in competitions attest to the academic excellence of St. Albert students.

St. Albert's junior high and high schools have also achieved excellence in sports, winning a number of provincial championships.

St. Albert now has a Francophone school: Ecole La Mission, part of the Conseil Scolaire Centre-Nord [Tel: (780)459-9568].


  • An Enchanted Forest
  • "It's A Child's World" Day Homes
  • Giant Steps Playschool
  • Grandma Gooch
  • Grandma Time
  • KinderVillage Preschool
  • Kristopher Robyn's Childcare Centre
  • Les Tournesols Bilingual Preschool
  • Noah's Ark Preschool
  • Pollywogs to Leaping Frogs Preschool
  • Preschool Playce
  • Providence Montessori Children's Centre
  • St. Albert Creative Preschool
  • St. Albert Day Care Society
  • St. Albert Nursery School
  • SIGIS Child Care Centre
  • Small Wunders Development Centre
  • Tender Touch Daycare Centre
  • Treehouse Playschool
  • And many others


In St. Albert, the Catholic school system is the public school system. Catholic schools in St. Albert include Albert Lacombe Elementary School [1-6], Bertha Kennedy School [1-6], Ecole Father Jan Community School [K-6], Ecole Secondaire Ste. Marguerite D'Youville School [7-12], Ecole Marie Poburan School [K-6], J.J. Nearing Elementary School [K-6], Neil M. Ross [1-6], Richard S. Fowler Junior High School [7-9], St. Albert Catholic High School [10-12], Vital Grandin School [K-6], St. Gabriel Cyber School, and Vincent J. Maloney Junior High School [7-9].


Protestant schools in St. Albert include Bellerose Composite High [10-12], Elmer S. Gish School [K-9], Keenooshayo Elementary School [K-6], Leo Nickerson Elementary [K-6], Lorne Akins Junior High School [7-9], Muriel Martin Elementary School [K-5], Paul Kane High School [10-12], Robert Rundle Elementary School [K-6], Ronald Harvey Elementary School [K-6], Sir Alexander Mackenzie School [K-6], Sir George Simpson Junior High School [7-9], Wild Rose Elementary School [K-6], and William D. Cuts School [6-9].

Ecole La Mission (Francophone School)




Post Secondary

St. Albert is conveniently located in relation to the University of Alberta, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology [NAIT] and Grant MacEwan University. St. Albert Transit offers convenient bus services to the University of Alberta, Grant MacEwan University and NAIT during the school year.

For additional information please visit:

MacEwan University


University of Alberta



The Sturgeon Community Hospital and Health Centre provides inpatient and outpatient services to meet the acute health care needs of St. Albert and is supported by specialized health care professionals. The patient care activity at the hospital rapidly outgrew the previous building's capability to handle the volume. The new hospital, opened in 1992, now operates 120 beds, including a 10-bed intensive care unit.

This new facility provides better comprehensive ambulatory care. The hospital still provides primary care but of a much more extensive nature such as expanded surgical capabilities, outpatient clinics, expanded diagnostic capabilities, intensive care unit and obstetrical unit. The obstetrical unit is a fairly new concept where labour, delivery, recovery and post-partum events are all carried out in the same room in a home-like atmosphere. The Sturgeon General emergency room is the 13th busiest out of 125 acute-care hospitals in the province.

The Capital Health Authority - St. Albert Health Unit is staffed by a good number of health care professionals which provide a variety of services, including: prenatal classes and postnatal follow-ups; immunization and school health services; health inspection services and health promotion; preventive dental, speech and audiology services; hereditary disease identification, counselling, health education and consultation; and nutrition promotion and education.

Other medical services include over 50 physicians, 4 denture clinics, 8 medical clinics, 6 physical therapy clinics, 14 chiropractors, 23 dentists, 7 optometrists, 3 orthodontists, and 8 psychologists. In addition, Sturgeon Community Hospital accommodates a large number of metro Edmonton physicians and surgeons with consulting staff privileges within the hospital.

St. Albert's seniors accommodations continue to change. Many new multiple-family projects have been built or are under construction which are oriented to the adult housing market which includes seniors. There is a more limited variety of strictly seniors housing accommodation available in North Ridge Lodge and Chateau Mission Court with both apartment and lodge housing.

Youville Nursing Home is committed to high quality care for its residents in a homelike atmosphere. With a capacity of 160 residents, the staff of almost 200 provide excellent care and comfort to all.


Emergency Services

All Emergency Services can be accessed by dialing 9-1-1.

Fire Protection:

The St. Albert Fire Department is comprised of professional fire fighters and emergency medical services [paramedics] operating from three strategically located stations in St. Albert. Qualified personnel with modern equipment can be on the scene of an emergency within the City in minutes.

The Department offers a variety of programs such as fire inspections, fire prevention, and other emergency medical services.

Police Services:

St. Albert RCMP Detachment includes Members, Bylaw Officers and support staff which operate Traffic and Crime Prevention/Community Relations Sections and bylaw enforcement. This detachment undertakes a wide range of community endeavours such as Bicycle Patrol, School Liaison Programs and Family Violence Protection to name a few.

Ambulance Services:

The St. Albert Fire Department handles the local paramedical/ambulance service through three fire halls. This 24-hour service gives local residents emergency medical services with quick response times from the three locations. The advanced life support ambulances are in direct contact with the Sturgeon Community Hospital and Health Centre.


Community Services


City of St. Albert
5 St. Anne Street
St. Albert, Alberta
T8N 3Z9
Tel: (780)459-1500
Fax: (780)460-2394
e-mail: info@st-albert.net 

St. Albert provides support to families and individuals through the following Family & Community Support Services agencies: the Association for People with Disabilities, Community Information and Volunteer Resource Centre, Family and School Liaison Program, Out of School Care - St. Albert Day Care Society, Parents' Place, Pregnancy Help, Stop Abuse in Families [SAIF], St. Albert Help Society, and the St. Albert Senior Citizens' Club.

A number of support groups are also available such as the One Parent Family Association, St. Albert Food Bank, Learning Disabilities Association, St. Albert Bereavement Fellowship, and the Inter-Faith Caring Council.

City staff also offer summer programs for special needs children,in addition to Personal Development courses and workshops, and ongoing programs for teens through Youth Outreach Services.


The Provincial building is located centrally in downtown St. Albert and houses a variety of Government of Alberta offices including Probation - Community Corrections, Income Support & Employment, Children and Youth Services, Energy Resources Conservation Board.


  • Canada Post Office
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Transport Canada



St. Albert enjoys four distinct climatic seasons. Winter is characterized by clear skies, low humidity and mild winds. On a typical midwinter/January day, the average temperature is -11 degrees Celsius (12 degrees Farenheit), and there is an average of 27 centimetres (11 inches) of snow covering the ground.

Summers are usually warm, with daytime temperatures averaging 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Farenheit) and evening temperatures cooling to a pleasant 11 degrees Celsius (52 degrees Farenheit).

Spring and autumn are often the most enjoyable seasons, with mild temperatures and ample sunshine.

Current weather in St. Albert


Key Contacts


City of St. Albert
5 St. Anne Street
St. Albert, Alberta
T8N 3Z9
Tel: 780-459-1500
Fax: 780-460-2394
e-mail: info@st-albert.net
website: www.stalbert.ca

Nolan Crouse Mayor Elect

Bill Holtby
City Manager

Larry Horncastle
Director, Business & Tourism Development 
71 St. Albert Road
St. Albert, Alberta
T8N 6L5
Tel: 780-459-1631
Fax: 780-460-1161
e-mail: lhorncastle@st-albert.net
website: www.cultivatebusiness.ca

Provincial :

David Pattison
Director, Edmonton Region
Regional Development Branch
Alberta Economic Development
5th Floor, Commerce Place
10155 - 102 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 4L6
Tel: 780-427-6648
Fax: 780-422-5804
e-mail: david.pattison@gov.ab.ca

Jan Couper, Client Services Representative
Tel: 780-427-6291

Ken Allred
Member of the Legislative Assembly [MLA]
St. Albert Constituency
#610 Legislature Annex
9718 107 Street
Edmonton AB
T5K 1E4
Tel: 780-427-1148
Fax: 780-415-0951

Constituency Office:
14 Perron Street
St. Albert AB
T8N 1E4
Tel: 780-459-9113
Fax: 780-460-9815

Honourable Doug Horner, Minister of Advanced Education and Technology (updated 2007)
Member of the Legislative Assembly [MLA]
Spruce Grove-Sturgeon-St. Albert Constituency
#324 Legislature Building
10800-97 Avenue
Edmonton AB
T5K - 2B6
Fax: 780-427-5582

Constituency Office:
206 B McLeod Avenue
Spruce Grove AB
T7X 2K5
Tel: 780-962-6606
Fax: 780-962-1568


Brent Rathgeber
Member of Parliament [MP]
Edmonton—St. Albert Constituency
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Tel: 613-996-4722
Fax: 613-995-8880

Constituency Office:
220 - 22 Perron Street 
St. Albert, Alberta
T8N 1E4
Tel: (780)459-0809
Fax: (780)460-1246


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[ Source: Government of Alberta – Finance and Enterprise ]
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